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Integrating the value chain

Improving the efficiency of logistics operations

For logistics providers (3PLs, 4PLs, contract logistics, transport providers and shipping companies), which have to operate at incredibly tight margins, it’s all about squeezing more efficiency out of your operation.

Sometimes the only way to do that is through innovation – coming up with something none of your competitors have thought of to differentiate yourself in your marketplace. 

Success in the ultra-competitive logistics business is all about continually improving the efficiency of your operations.   ICT remains central to both operations and strategy. 

See how BT can help logistics providers to improve the efficiency with which they serve customers

  • Provision access to applications and improve the user experience
  • Share information across globally distributed teams and collaborate without regard to organizational, geographic or systems boundaries
  • Collect, store, analyse and transmit big data reliably and securely
    Get real-time visibility of demand signals
  • Monitor the status and location of assets and inventory across the supply chain
  • Protect networks against cyber-attack
  • Control and manage ICT spend

How BT helps global logistics operators

A fun way to find out how BT’s networked IT services can help global logistics providers, airlines and port operators achieve faster, more accurate delivery, better supply chain visibility, superior customer service and optimized asset utilization.

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