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With consumer expectation shifting from the physical car to the connectivity within it, digitalisation is making a fundamental change to the Automotive industry.  Organisations now need new strategies to cope with increasingly connected cars, more data; more automation; new business models and changing security threats. 
Digital transformation in the automotive industry relies on orchestrating data flows globally across the complex eco systems of manufacturers and suppliers, digitally enabling the dealerships and enabling cloud services which drive efficiencies across the industry, all encompassed with end to end security. 
Making the most of what is digitally possible, is more than just the new technology.  It’s about empowering customers, business and your employees.

Transform your customer experience.  As the automotive industry becomes more competitive service has becomes the key differentiator.  Customers have much higher expectations of the whole buying journey - be that online, in dealerships, aftermarket sales or in the financial services area.
Optimise production. Applications are key to the effective operation of automotive companies with many moving into the cloud along with other key services.  With zero-tolerance for application and network downtime, organisations need a dynamic and flexible network to transport, store, secure and analyse data. 
Secure critical data.  The automotive industry has many new security challenges, from moving applications and services to the cloud and protecting against DDOS attacks to in-car cyber security to ensure the safety of both consumers and their data. 

Collaborate for better decisions.  Collaboration is maybe the most essential service for a global distributed workforce who needs the ability to federate with suppliers and customers.  It is important to be able to share information in real-time and accelerate decision-making bringing efficiency to the supply chain.

Why BT

We have more than 15 years’ experience focused on developing specific solutions that meet the needs of our automotive customers.  We are proud to say that we work with: 

  • 8 out of the top10  global OEMs
  • Many of the key tier one suppliers 
  • The top four global tyre companies

We are able to deliver an interactive automotive experience across our 21 global showcases, addressing your business challenges and requirements in a ‘live’ environment. Each visit is carefully planned by your BT account manager and the in-country showcase team to ensure it is relevant and engaging, providing the information you need to make your important decisions.

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