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Making better decisions

Use big data to generate insights that improve the quality of your decision-making

For IT teams to make the best use of big data, you need infrastructure to transport, store, secure and analyse the enormous volumes of  data generated by connected vehicles and sensor-equipped roads. You’ll need help addressing the challenges of infrastructure scale, data security and analytics if big data is not to generate more questions than answers.

BT’s experience with customers in the pharmaceutical, life-sciences and entertainment industries positions us well to help automotive manufacturers get the best from the tidal wave of information that will soon be available to them.

We can help you to:

  • Provision intelligent, self-healing, super-low latency network infrastructure for streaming high volumes of data across multiple data centres and numerous device types
  • Manage bandwidth to cope with the ‘bursty’ nature of many big data applications
  • Benefit from pre-provisioned data-centre infrastructure that enables you to create, deploy and manage your own cloud services
  • Detect and mitigate DDoS attacks, authenticate users, configure and manage firewalls
  • Apply next-generation visualisation tools to data streams for predictive analytics

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