Optimising the customer experience

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Optimising the customer experience

Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty by delivering better service

Secure customer data against cyber attack. Be there when customers need you and provide them with onmi-channel options for engaging your service teams. Enable customer service agents to involve experts from other parts of your organisation in customer interactions, seamlessly. Flex and scale your contact-centre resources to match the ebb and flow of customer enquiries.

We can help you to:

  • Manage bandwidth allocation to prioritise the performance of customer-touch applications
  • Protect your network against intrusion and secure your customer data
  • Improve collaboration between sales, marketing and customer service teams
  • Intelligently route customer enquiries to the most suitable contact centre agents available
  • Scale your contact centre operations up and down ‘on-demand’ to cope with seasonal fluctuations, marketing promotions and sales campaigns
  • Benefit from cloud-based contact-centre solutions that offer ‘pay-as-you-go’ pricing and carrier-grade security
  • Add agents and amend call-routing rules in seconds to manage service levels regardless of traffic loads
  • Handle customer interactions intelligently, increase loyalty and make the most of your resources
  • Reduce ICT costs, improve the efficiency of contact agents and increase customer satisfaction

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Connected sales & marketing

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Exploring challenges associated with enabling collaboration across globally distributed S&M teams