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Supporting all stages of the trading process across all asset classes, from pre-trade market data to post-trade clearing and settlement.

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Securely connecting the world’s largest financial services community

The global financial community is undergoing numerous regulatory, technological, and infrastructural changes while organisations still strive to increase revenues and decrease operational costs. In this environment, fully-managed products and services, coupled with in-depth industry knowledge and global reach, can keep firms connected and enable them to realise new business possibilities.

At BT, we share our expertise with the largest banks, brokers and data vendors in the world.

  • BT supports the largest secure networked financial community in the world with BT Radianz which services a community of many thousand end points, delivering mission critical data applications from over 400 service providers
  • BT turrets are relied upon by traders in every major trading centre worldwide.
  • BT has been providing secure financial messaging services to the post-trade sector since 1996 to more than 100 financial services companies

We have more than 35 years’ experience of providing network-centric, mission-critical services for data, voice and hosting for the financial community, including banks, brokers, exchanges, investment managers, payment processors, hedge funds, financial application providers, CCPs and CSDs. Our solutions support best execution across the entire trade life cycle.

Enabling the global financial community to communicate across the trade life cycle

Whether you need to communicate for financial markets or banking services, for payments or order routing, for the front office or the back office, the BT Radianz Cloud enables you to do so quickly, securely and reliably. 

See how we can help you be part of the world largest secure networked financial community

Collaborating and communicating across the trade life cycle

As firms adopt increasingly complex trading strategies we’re seeing a new approach to trading emerge — using a range of execution styles from purely human-element (high-touch) to hybrid, with a blend of broker-assisted electronic trading, to (low-touch) electronic and algorithmic trading. The rise of automation means that the search for fiscal returns are more difficult in the face of increasingly thin margins.

See how we can provide you with innovative tools to enable collaboration and communication across the trade life cycle.

Enabling secure exchange of financial messages for the post-trade sector 

Organisations are under increasing pressure to adopt open financial message standards. At the same time, global regulators are recommending the adoption of robust and reliable infrastructure for business continuity operations, and alternative networks are vital to ensure the high availability of critical services, such as financial messaging.

We can help you reduce risk in your counterparty messaging. We can take on the management, monitoring and maintenance of your financial messaging traffic – and remove the need for investment in local hardware and multiple licenses. Instead you’d have one service level agreement, with one provider and one place to turn to for support. See how we can deliver to you a highly secure, fully managed service, which supports a variety of financial message standards.

Helping firms meet their compliance obligations

Firms need optimal regulatory visibility, from fixed and mobile communications pre-trade to post-trade reporting and analytics. See how we can help you comply with obligations across the entire trade life cycle



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