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Digital transformation for Logistics

More packages than ever before are now being shipped. In fact according to the World Economic Forum, on any single day, a staggering 85 million packages and documents are delivered around the world. Also in the next decade, logistics related transport will account for over 35% of city traffic.

With digital transformation at the heart of this, the pace of change in the global logistics industry is greater than ever – presenting opportunities for logistic providers and transporters to offer full supply chain, fulfilment and shipping services in collaboration with an ever growing eco-system.

At BT, we believe that logistics providers need to focus on 4 keys areas in order to stay ahead in their digital transformation.

Deliver a personalised, seamless and consistent delivery experience. Customers today demand a stress free experience that allows them to communicate, track and trace goods and shipments in real-time. As a result, logistics companies need to transform and integrate all digital touchpoints from the various channels to provide seamless access to delivery information, wherever they are, on any device. 

Enable employee collaboration and greater productivity. The complex eco system that logistics providers operate in requires a constant need to communicate between various internal and external entities (transport, warehouse and shipping companies) requiring employees to share relevant and real-time information across globally distributed teams and across different integrated technologies.

Improve your business operations. Keeping track of your assets across the supply chain, transforming your network and increasing your business agility and innovation through the move to cloud technology will drive digital transformation. This will help you to reduce costs and integrate disparate systems across the logistics eco-system to deliver flexibility and scalability.

Secure your enterprise. Managing the growing digital threats in the logistics industry, with the reassurance of securing your companies data, as well as that of your customers’ data – also ensuring regulatory compliance – is required to protect your brand.

Why BT

We have 30 years’ experience focused on developing specific solutions that meet the needs of our logistics customers.

We are proud to say that:

  • Nearly 60% of the largest Third Party Logistics Providers (3PL’s) globally are BT customers.
  • We work with the top 5 global air couriers.
  • We are working with CEVA Logistics to rationalise their 17 worldwide data centres to manage its global network connecting 600 sites. Also Europe’s largest postal group managing 76,000 devices scanning parcels.

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