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Specialist digital media and broadcasting solutions for content owners and producers, channel service providers and advertising agencies

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Content transmission solutions

BT Media and Broadcast is the specialist digital media and broadcast solutions arm of BT. We provide real-time video, audio and data transmission solutions for content owners, content producers, channel service providers, direct-to-home providers and advertising agencies – in fact for anyone who needs to distribute digital content reliably and securely around the world.

We can help you make the most of technology to open up new markets and streamline your workflow. We'll help you prepare content for multiple distribution platforms, give you easy access to high-quality live contribution feeds and connect you with the worldwide media community.

We're true media specialists and haven't merely adapted our telecommunications technology. Our core network is specially designed and built exclusively to carry live TV and very large media files. It's engineered for low latency and jitter, is dual resilient and offers five nines availability, with broadcast-specific technologies at the core and edges.

We've been a major player in the media industry for over 60 years and our people are all broadcasting specialists. Joining our network links you via our six video switches at BT Tower to 600 TV channels, production companies and post-production facilities across the globe. We also have a local presence in the Americas, Asia, Africa and Europe

Specialist media services

BT Agilemedia is our specialist participation media business that enables viewers to interact with broadcast content via phone and text.

BT Media IP Nexus is a high-bandwidth IP network for the UK's creative media industry. It allows high-speed file transfer within your local media region at speeds of 100Mbps, 1Gbps or 10Gbps and flexible options for interconnection to other regions in the UK and globally. There’s also optional internet connectivity built in and a choice of shared third party services.

Global Media Network (GMN) enables reliable digital data transfer between companies in all the key locations around the world where broadcast content is created or distributed. And with our occasional use facility, you can connect to the network as and when you need it.

Television Outside Broadcast (TVOB) provides high-quality fibre, satellite and microwave connectivity from remote locations, such as sports arenas and exhibition halls, to your premises or to the BT Tower and into our Global Media Network.

FacilityLine Plus and FacilityLine Plus HD enable media companies and advertising agencies in the Greater London area to exchange broadcast-quality video content quickly, reliably and cost effectively.

Case study: Technicolor

TechnicolorTechnicolor provides end-to-end digital cinema distribution, channel origination and broadcast playout, out-of-home advertising and electronic content delivery services. The company operates around the world and has main facilities in the US, Canada, Singapore, India, and the UK.

Through our specialist Media and Broadcast division, we provide a fully outsourced Global Media Network (GMN). The BT GMN is designed to carry video, audio, voice and data over a single converged infrastructure. To assure optimum performance, it incorporates sophisticated traffic engineering technology and bandwidth reservation capabilities, so it securely separates traffic and assures the most effective use of available bandwidth at all times.

Our requirements are different from a normal corporate enterprise. BT Media and Broadcast people were the only players who could speak our language. They really understood what was needed, both commercially and technically.”
- Ken Spickler, Director of Production Network Operations, Technicolor