BT for Mining

Securing and managing the information flow that mining companies rely on

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Establishing visibility over far-flung global operations

While the long-term outlook is strong, the connected mine with integrated data flows is fundamental if miners are to meet the numerous short and medium-term challenges now facing the industry. ‘Is this operation efficient?’ ‘How much ore did I produce?’ ‘What’s the metallurgy?’ ‘Where is the replacement for the haul-truck brake system predicted to fail in the next 24 hours?’

This, however, is easier said than done. Connectivity is a constant challenge for mine operators. See how BT helps mining companies to network their operations for maximum efficiency.

  • Industrial Wireless services provide mining and oil companies with connectivity to the coalface and wellhead for safer and more cost-efficient operations
  • Network globally distributed sites
  • Collect, store, analyse and transmit big data reliably and securely
  • Provision access to applications and manage the user experience globally
  • Improve the efficiency with which local teams collaborate with centers of excellence
  • Monitor and manage the movement of equipment, vehicles and staff around mine sites
  • Improve decision making with intelligant analytics
  • Protect mines and offices from cyber attack
  • Reduce travel, emissions and cost
  • Control and manage ICT spend

Video conferencing energises SASOL global expansion

SASOL occupies a fascinating niche in the worldwide energy industry. This video sees Alex Joannou, CIO, telling how a BT telepresence video conferencing network reaches places like South Africa, Calgary, Houston, Hamburg and Milan, helping SASOL achieve sustainable global expansion.

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