BT for Payments

Achieving international growth

Achieving international growth and integration cost-effectively

Much of the business in the payments industry is volume-driven; banks and organisations maintain their competitive edge by gaining economies of scale and processing an ever-greater volume of transactions.

More than ever, banks and payment processors are expanding operations into other countries, as they look to tap into increased volumes, respond to new business opportunities and remain competitive.

With our secure and reliable global network, BT can help financial institutions to grow securely, efficiently and profitably as they pursue transaction services in Asia/Pac, the Middle East, CEE, and Latin America. Our industry expertise, global reach and market-leading security capabilities can help you scale your growth and realise new business opportunities, at home and abroad.

Adapting to a world of integrated communications

Even as they move away from outdated, “legacy systems”, it’s a challenge for many institutions to manage their communications centrally and securely. See how we can empower your IT systems with greater collaboration, internally and externally.

Collaborating with clients and colleagues while on the move

An austere financial climate and increased competition within the market drives organisations to expand while remaining operationally efficient. See how we can make your business more agile and cost-effective in doing so.

Helping manage secure and compliant operations

Compliance and security officers face a number of challenges that can directly impact costs and customer loyalty. See how our industry expertise and high-volume solutions can enable them to better meet regulations.

Improving operational efficiency

Our Operational Efficiency IP Solutions can help banks and payment processors realise lower costs and greater agility. See how we can enable you to move towards a more efficient IT model.

Meeting regulatory and business needs and best-practice guidelines

Financial institutions must manage risk of all kinds while adhering to the latest industry guidelines. See how together we can help you meet business needs, while maintaining operational continuity.



BT for Financial Services – Payments

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A forward-thinking approach to get ahead of payment trends