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BT for Pharmaceutical - Overview

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In a highly regulated and changing industry where there is a critical need to get safe, effective medicines to market faster, pharmaceutical and life sciences companies are striving to continually improve the way they do things. To deliver real value to their customers, they rely heavily on the efficient and secure exchange of information, from R&D and clinical trials to licensing and regulatory affairs, from manufacturing to sales and marketing.

BT is a global leader in delivering resilient and innovative managed IT solutions and services that help global pharmaceutical companies create cost-efficient transparent operations, improve regulatory compliance, minimise risk and drive value.

As a trusted partner, we have delivered significant business results through our networked IT services underpinned by our global capabilities, high performing people and extensive network of partners. We have more than 50 years’ experience working closely within healthcare environment, successfully managing Europe’s largest, most advanced healthcare project.

We can help you in many ways by:

  • Managing networked IT services to drive efficiency through improved flexibility and performance whilst managing complexity and cost to allow customers to focus on their core business.
  • Enabling real-time visibility from factory to patient. This will enable improved patient safety, visibility of sales, reduce counterfeit products and improve manufacturing planning, introducing the concept of mass serialization.
  • Improving the effectiveness of enterprise risk management and regulatory compliance to improve security, reduce cost, improve business information and increase patient safety.
  • Increasing the market for pharmaceutical products by implementing innovative patient compliance programmes to help patient to stay on medication.
  • Increasing business effectiveness and reduce time to market for new products by improving the way pharmaceuticals collaborate both internally and externally with partners and suppliers.