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Delivering effective policing in challenging times

BT and our partners like Cisco work closely with police forces all across the country and have gained a strong understanding of the issues you all face, from Police and Crime Commissioners, and Chief Constables, right down the ranks to the community policing teams, as well as those involved in police ‘back office’ operations, so vital to the success of frontline policing. We don’t claim to know all there is to know about policing, but we do know about IT, and working with you over many years we know many of the challenges you face, and we believe we can help you address them.

We call our approach Connected Policing. It’s not about doing things in a completely different way, but about putting police and IT together, enabling what you have to do to be done with greater efficiency - think of it as technology enabled policing.

The tabs at the top of this page link to video animations to hopefully get across what we mean, the main one – Connected Policing - summarises our approach and on the other pages we go into more detail on:-

  • Connected Officer – making police officers more productive;
  • Connected Force - enable better communication and working practices both within and across forces, and;
  • Connected Communities - which focuses on better engagement with citizens and communities, and how you can also ensure that you have more information on hand to make better more informed decisions at the initial point of contact.

We know that UK Police budgets are now relatively stable, but forces tell us they are still facing up to ever more demanding challenges; protecting the vulnerable, dealing with ‘new’ crimes involving social media, security and cybercrime; utilising technologies to enable forces to work more closely together, and enabling police officers to be more efficient and effective out in the communities they serve.

We hope we can show you that BT, Cisco and our partners have the ability and understanding to work with you in addressing these challenges.

Connected Policing

Connected Policing is about what forces do – but enabling them to do it better. It’s based around what officers past and present tell us are the key imperatives, It shows how IT can enable greater efficiencies. Technology enabled policing if you like.

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Mobility matters

PDF - 1 MB

Increasing Officer Efficiency

PDF - 262 KB

Standby time = productive time, reduce duplication of effort, maintain officer schedule

Speeding up an Investigation

PDF - 262 KB

Recover CCTV earlier, enter and upload statements electronically, reduce interview preparation time

Dealing with Nuisance Youths

PDF - 293 KB

Online ASB reporting, improved use of Social Media, reduce perception of harassment

Increasing the Chance of a Successful Prosecution

PDF - 214 KB

Use predictive policing principles, increase community evidence, better comms with key stakeholders