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BT is transforming public services with the power of technology

Powering Public Services


BT connects people, places and public services for a better future. We can help you transform your organisation, better enable frontline people, provide higher quality citizen services, and innovate for economic growth in your region.

BT’s unique public sector proposition, Powering Public Services, leverages the power of technology to connect together people, information and know-how for a better future in public services. Our market-leading networked IT and communications services – combined with our track record, expertise and commitment to innovation – enable public sector organisations of all kinds to meet their challenges today and to innovate for a better tomorrow.

We all know the public sector is under increasing pressure – financial cutbacks, higher service expectations, demographic shifts and economic dynamics. So making incremental improvements is no longer an option – you’ve already done that. You need to boldly re-think how you can deliver better, joined-up services at less cost. How you can put the citizen at the centre of integrated public services. In a word, you need to transform.

We at BT Global Services believe this transformation cannot happen without making technology play an even bigger role than it does today. How do we know? Because this is our bread and butter. For decades we’ve been applying technology to help transform defence, police, local government, central government and health – and we know there’s a lot more it can do.

For some time we’ve been at the forefront of improving public sector service delivery through visionary technological transformation. Witness our role in the Public Services Network – joining up government and making it easy for organisations to save money, simplify processes and share services.
We understand better than anyone else the immense challenges you face – because we’ve been working alongside you as they have arisen. And now, by Powering Public Services, we can help you find new, innovative ways to connect public services to the people – and bring people closer to public services.

Our vision of Powering Public Services can help you:

  • transform your organization – by providing business processes as a service, managing IT infrastructure and operations, and reducing your office space costs
  • better enable your frontline workers – through mobile working, anywhere learning, field automation and inventory tracking
  • improve citizen services – through multi-channel contact management and vertical propositions like TeleHealth, TeleCare and Connected Policing
  • and innovate for growth – taking you through our open innovation process to see how you could exploit the potential of things like sensory networks, big data and intelligent energy management.

Your future begins now – with partnership and innovation

We can start by helping you make cost savings right now. By consolidating your existing systems. By handling routine business processes for you. By better enabling your frontline people to work smarter, straight away

And we’ll make sure you get the most out of the investments you’ve already made by combining new technologies with them.

But as we do this, we’ll keep an eye on the bigger picture. So while helping you improve the cost-efficiency of service delivery today, we also free-up your resources and imagination to create better, more joined-up services for the future.

Our approach is open, collaborative and consultative, because it’s the innovations that are developed this way which succeed. We invested £560m in R&D in 2011/12 which we happily share with our customers. We offer a joint innovation service through our Applied Innovation Hothouse Centre. And we are working with UK Government and local authorities to create innovation hubs to support regional economic growth fueled by entrepreneurial business.

With the Powering Public Services initiative, BT is applying the power of communications technology to deliver innovation:

  • transforming your organisation by using shared and outsourced services to improve cost-efficiency
  • enabling your frontline people to work smarter together out in the community
  • giving citizens easier access to more relevant, higher-quality services
  • promoting economic growth, regeneration and sustainability in your area.



No one but BT could do this

Who invented and built the Spine for the NHS, the largest healthcare organisation in the world?
Who delivers the secure network for the four UK Armed Forces?
Who ran the communications for the London 2012 Olympics – and kept them 100% secure?


Who set up the world’s first public-private partnership in local government service delivery?
Who is building the world’s first global Telecare and TeleHealth service platform?
Who was the first national telecommunications company in the world, itself part of the public sector until 1969?

Again, BT.

Who else could have done these things? No one. (With no disrespect to any of our fellow IT service providers working in the public sector, we honestly do not think anyone but BT has quite the breadth and depth to deliver the services we do.)

No other company is at the heart of public sector IT and communications in the way BT is. No one else has the vision and boldness to say: public services can be delivered in a better way, and then go on to actually do it.

No other company has the heritage, trust, capabilities and commitment to deliver such an ambitious, yet pragmatic, vision.

But you can trust BT to. We are your partners – have been for decades – working alongside you, embedded in your organisation as equals. Our success is your success – and our people are totally dedicated to both.

But don’t take our word for it. Independent analysts IDC rated BT as a leader in the ICD MarketScape: Worldwide Telecom Service Provider 2013 Vendor Assessment 2013. And Gartner placed BT in the leader position in two of their Magic Quadrants in 2013: for Global Network Service Providers, and Communications Outsourcing and Professional Services.

BT is at the heart of secure shared public networking

Secure shared networking

Our programme of Powering Public Services depends on the availability of secure, shared networking across public sector organisation. This is a field in which BT has unique and enviable experience and capability. We are central to PSN and we are continually bringing various public sector organisations on board. We deliver secure shared networks for the UK armed forces and security services, whose operational and security requirements are extremely demanding. We provide the NHS Spine, enabling the secure sharing of patient data across relevant agencies.

BT has a unique place in the UK public sector infrastructure. We are committed to the sector and prepared to make the necessary investment to realise the long-term benefits which shared practices can bring. And we have a market-leading portfolio of networking and security products ready to make the vision a reality.


Public Service Network

Through our involvement in the Public Services Network (PSN), BT is helping to reduce the cost of communication services across UK government. More than that, we are helping to enable new, joined-up and shared public services which deliver better outcomes to citizens.

We believe the PSN makes sense – it’s logical that a single virtual network will create a more open marketplace offering better-value IT and communications services. We were there at the beginning of PSN and we’re still right there, continually making more and more of our services PSN-compliant.

But Powering Public Services goes beyond simply supplying solutions. We are bringing together information, revealing insight, and making the connections which allow service providers to offer the right service to the right citizen at the right time and place.


BT and the Public Services Network


Watch an overview of how BT is working with the PSN to help deliver compliant and flexible solutions.


UK Government is also committed to the adoption of cloud computing. The G-Cloud programme is designed to deliver economies of scale, cost savings, more flexible systems and faster business benefits. It also helps achieve environmental and sustainability targets.

BT already provides many kinds of these cloud-based services to the public sector: cloud-based contact centres, cloud-based unified communications services, and cloud computing. In fact, more and more of our IT and communications services, applications, and even physical infrastructure are now available as a service from the cloud. This reduces up-front capital outlay, increases operational flexibility and makes for a greener, best-value service.


BT Global Services core portfolio

Supporting these is our enviable portfolio of services which are standardised, reliable, established and consistently rated by analysts as leading in our market:

  •  Network services – Intelligent network services to connect you to employees, citizens and partners
  •  IT services – Adaptive computing that can save you money while making you more flexible
  •  Mobility services – Flexible services to improve productivity and enable better citizen services
  •  CRM – Multi-channel contact management solutions to help you deliver world class access
  •  Unified communications – Collaborate more efficiently with employees, suppliers, citizens and other agencies
  •  Professional services – Effective services to help you innovate, re-invent and transform for a better future
  •  Security and risk management – Robust products to build a sustainable business with added security and resilience
  •  Supply chain solutions – Solutions that manage information and assets throughout the supply chain
  •  Calls and lines – For valuable discounts when you commit to minimum usage levels