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The physical store isn’t dead

Customers still like to shop in physical stores, in fact approximately 90% of all retail sales are still made there. However times have changed and they expect the experience to be more like it is online: easy, convenient and personalised.

Customer Experience
Customers want an EPIC experience: Engaging. Personalised. Informative. Convenient. And they want it to be a seamless experience regardless of where and how they interact with the retailer. Retailers might be obsessed by ‘channels’ – consumers are not.

See how we can help you bring unlimited customer choice into every store.

Digital Sales Associate
To meet the changing expectations for customer service the sales associate needs to evolve. By putting technology into their hands the sales associates are liberated and can actively engage with customers in the full knowledge that they have all the information that the customer might want (or has via their smartphone) at their finger-tips and they are able to help them more efficiently.

See how we can help free your people to work smarter and better serve your customers.

Digitising store operations and analytics
You can’t create a truly seamless customer experience without collecting and analysing data from customers and understanding accurately your inventory. The danger is that retailers end up with a host of individual, unconnected solutions that cannot collect or leverage the data they produce. By bringing it all together in a single digital store platform that connects all the digital touchpoints with existing enterprise applications and analytical tools a retailer can have in real time business insights that they can act upon. 

See how we can help you realise the true power of omni-channel retail.

Enabling end to end stock visibility
The advancement of cloud technology means that customer expectations of their suppliers have never been higher. More than ever before, stock visibility is vital to performing well, everywhere.

See how we can help you deliver end to end stock visibility. 

Connecting you in real time to your stores, suppliers and customers
In the fast-moving, connected world of retail, effective collaboration will keep you at the forefront of quality, service and innovation.

See how we can help you connect in real time to your stores, suppliers and customers.