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Technology offering unlimited customer choice in every store.

An exciting and engaging store experience

The ideal shopping experience creates customer loyalty; gives your customers a reason to visit your stores; makes the store experience exciting and engaging; offers a consistent and seamless service across offline and online; uses personalised and effective promotions and marketing; helps you know your customer better so you can make recommendations and keep them up to date; fulfils from anywhere, and offers flexible purchasing and delivering options.

Customers are product experts and are now often better informed than sales colleagues about their product and their brand. They know the product/service’s features and benefits, and where to go to get the best price.

We can:

  • Give your sales team the information they need where they need it – on the shop floor, with their customers. We can give them easy access to information, training and a 360 degree view of their customers.
  • Combine customer data analytics and insights with a flexible fixed or wireless network, so you know your customers as soon as they enter and track their behaviour as they move around the store. You can offer personalised marketing and promotions direct to their smartphone or using in-store digital displays.
  • Give you tracking from smartphone apps so you can extend your store into the street, and engage customers with tailored relevant messaging as they pass, to entice them into the store.
  • Integrate payment solutions that are mobile and compliant into a common digital store platform so sales colleagues can be free to be where they’re needed – out on the shop floor with your customers.
  • Create an enhanced interactive experience by supplying digital signage solutions ranging from interactive devices to video walls showing videos across multiple tiles, to holographic greeters who can talk and interact with customers.
  • Create a seamless customer experience from web to store. Create that consistent seamless experience by integrating all channels.


Dixons Carphone in-store innovation transforms customer experience

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BT Connect Optimisation using InfoVista technology saved us around £1.5 million in network upgrade costs, while the performance of Pin Point was optimised in time for the Christmas peak.”
- Qasim Ali, Director of Group IT Services, Dixons Carphone Group

BT launches the Alexander Black retail experience store in New York

BT's new Alexander Black retail technology experience has opened recently in New York City.

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Building the digital store.

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