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Consolidate IT infrastructure with BT Global Services a simple end to end management solution

Creating a connected world of retail

For you to successfully create a seamless customer experience; drive efficiencies across your entire operations; communicate effectively with stores, regional offices, suppliers and partners; convert the vast amounts of data to reveal patterns and trends; ensure the right goods are in the right place at the right time; ensure every aspect of their business is secure; have the flexibility to easily scale service up and down; be able to expand into emerging markets around the world, a reliable and scalable infrastructure is critical.

You can no longer rely on a complex array of fragmented disparate and costly networks provided by multiple vendors. Slow running systems that hinder sales colleagues may prove costly in terms of lost customers. And in this digital world network failure will be instantly visible to customers.  It would mean critical downtime not only in store but online and therefore an instant loss in revenue.

We can:

  • Take on the complete end-to-end management of your IT estate.  Offering you unmatched global networking, security, cloud and integrated services expertise that will help you achieve your digital ambitions.
  • Provide you with a roadmap to transforming your infrastructure:

    1. Consolidate your existing infrastructure (voice, data, wireless, fixed) to reduce risk, costs and improve efficiency.
    2. Converge your voice and data systems to create a platform that delivers agility across the business.
    3. Extend your infrastructure and its benefits out to your stores, regional offices, contact centres, partners, suppliers as well as new markets and geographies.
  • Provide you with the ability to connect easily and securely to the applications and data you need, wherever you need them.
  • Deliver collaboration tools which provide a greater user experience, enable quicker decision making, more harmonious team working and an improved communication experience.
  • Ensure your organisation is protected at every stage.
  • Help you understand your customers by gathering data from online activity, in-store behaviour, social media and loyalty card spending patterns.

From IP Telephony, messaging, voice, email and the network (fixed or wireless) that bring it all together – we’ve extensive experience in helping our retail customers worldwide collaborate more effectively.

Nobody knows how to make networked IT work quite like BT. When everything is securely connected the potential – for growth, speed and agility – is limitless.

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