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Helping you deliver an EPIC experience

A frictionless customer experience is the benchmark when choosing between brands, and today’s digital customer wants an EPIC experience: engaging, personalised, informative and convenient. They want to engage in new ways, and they want it to be a seamless experience regardless of where and how and when they interact with the retailer.

Technology has enabled the growth of omni-channel, with customers now relying on a variety of ways to interact such as phone, mobile, internet, video, social, email and physical stores. But for many retailers, that just means multiple channels – with different stock, systems and processes for each.

Customers also still like to shop in physical stores, in fact approximately 90 per cent of all retail sales are still made in store. However times have changed and customers expect the experience to be more like it is online: easy, convenient and personalised.

Enabled by BT Contact global cloud-based solutions, we can help you use multiple digital touchpoints to seamlessly connect and interact with customers in store and online. 

We can help you:

  • Understand your customers - create a complete view of your customer across all sales channels with a 360 degree view of who they are and which channels they use. This insight can also help you produce highly targeted and relevant promotions.
  • Deliver seamless experiences that engage and add value - customers want a shopping experience which delivers what they want, when they want it. Whether it is online, via their smartphone, device, in store or via the contact centre. This means omni-channel retail that’s leaner and smarter – better for customers, better for sales colleagues, better for business.
  • Personalise your customers’ experience - customers expect their brand experience to be tailored to them, online and in-store. To be able to choose how they wish to shop, whether online or offline – from purchase, to research and click and collect, via tablet, smartphone, PC or in store.
  • Quickly turn contact centre services on and off - to help with peak trading, promotional periods and expansion.