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Enabling your employees to work more productively

To meet the changing expectations for customer experience, the sales associate needs to evolve.
By putting technology into their hands, the sales associates, assistants, colleagues or partners, feel liberated. They can actively engage with customers in the full knowledge that they have information at their finger-tips and they are able to help customers more efficiently.

Comprehensive support in-store and beyond will free up sales colleagues to deliver an excellent customer experience, no matter where they are. Sales colleagues want to be better equipped to support their knowledgeable customers about their products and their brand.  They need to be able to remain on the shop floor with their customers while having essential information at their finger-tips.

They want to build their expertise with relevant, time efficient training; make their customers happy with mobile, fast payment points; and be able to communicate with their colleagues easily and efficiently.

Enabled by our BT One solutions that are secure and accessible, we can help you increase productivity and speed of business, ensuring not only more efficient store operations but memorable experiences that engage your customers.

We can help you:

  • Enable your employees to collaborate and work more productively - to enable your employees wherever they are based and whatever their role to collaborate more easily and across different technologies.
  • Mobilise your people – helping your sales colleagues understand your customers from almost any device, so they know as much about the customer as you know about them online. Allowing your people in store to deliver a great performance every time, and to keep your customers coming back.
  • Access the same information anywhere, at any time, on any device – customers now expect to be able to find, purchase, and/or have an order fulfilled from any store.   It’s also about ensuring seamless collaboration amongst your suppliers.