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Retailers continuously need to rethink the risks to their organisation, in terms of potential attacks but also on the assets they need to protect.  Increasingly, customer data is a retailer’s most valuable asset and this needs to be recognised in their security plans.

Retailers are also adopting new technologies at a rapid pace both online and in the physical store. This has resulted in an increase in the number of devices and digital touchpoints, which means that the ‘attack surface’ is larger than ever before, with multiple points of entry for possible cyber-attacks.

Capturing data on shoppers is also greater than ever before, from tracking shopping habits online to their movement through physical stores, retailers know more about us than ever.  Moreover, many shoppers allow retailers to store their payment details – either a bank card or PayPal account.  The consequences of a data breach for an individual customer and the retailer can be severe as a result. 

Looking forward, the implications of cyber-attack for retailers will become more serious. With the increased regulation of General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR) there will be significant fines for businesses failing to protect personal data of any EU citizen, therefore compliance is greater than ever before.

With robust security in place you are able to take full advantage of opportunities to serve your customers more effectively and to increase sales, trust and loyalty. Building security into your digital strategy at the outset also strengthens the customer experience and helps protects what matters most.

Enabled by our unique security portfolio, we can help you manage risk so you can focus on strategic differentiation.  Helping you manage the growing digital threats, and providing the confidence that your data is secure as well as that of your customers’ personal data.

We can help you:

  • Manage and secure your highly sensitive data – and also that of your customer’s - regardless of location or device.
  • Avoid a cyber-attack on service - protecting against unauthorised third party access, and using big data to spot, and take action quickly against, advanced threats.
  • Combat shrinkage – with agile, effective ways of receiving alerts directly to employee devices.
  • Drive security awareness amongst employees - one of the most significant threats to security in retail is a large number of employees and a reliance on transient labour to cope with seasonal demand.  Make it as easy as possible for employees to be aware of how cyber-attacks can happen, which will help them to do the right thing.