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Connecting the utilities industry

Enabling Smart Transformation

BT has a unique understanding of the challenges that utilities face. We’ve experienced a similar level of market transformation. And, we support utilities worldwide.

Digital networks mean limitless possibilities for utilities. We can help you to deliver ‘smart’ transformation at a time of unprecedented change to create the utilities of the future.

Embracing the culture of customer care

Utilities customers are demanding quick and easy access to information and fast resolution to enquiries. Putting customers at the heart of your business is necessary to remain competitive. See how we can help you to build trust and customer confidence by improving the customer experience.

Responding to crisis for business success

Managing crises when they hit is something that all utilities companies have to deal with. Adverse weather, natural disaster or Acts of God can all wreak havoc. How you respond and recover is critical to your reputation. See how we can help you to communicate, collaborate and transmit vital data in times of crisis.

Supporting business growth alongside regulatory compliance

Changing legislation and new regulatory requirements are putting utilities under pressure. All of this at a time when you need to manage cost and become more sustainable. See how we can help you to transform your IT network infrastructure to elevate business growth and gain compliance.

Improving efficiency and business performance

Utilities are being forced to work smarter. Business operations and the supply chain are under scrutiny and budgets are being squeezed. See how we can help you to streamline processes and drive up productivity to improve performance.

Securing your most valuable resources

Whether it’s your people, assets or data their security is a top priority for utilities and an increasing challenge with the growing risks. Any form of attack can seriously damage your brand with significant financial impact. See how we can help you to prevent attack and protect your most valuable resources.

Keep customers, control costs, communicate better

Industry leaders, including Myron Hrycyk from Severn Trent Water, Ben Oxford formerly of Western Power (Australia), Angela Knight, Chief Executive of Energy UK, Sumit Bose from Energy Live News, and Volker Beckers former CEO RWE npower share their views on the changing utilities landscape.

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