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The National Procurement Service & BT deliver savings in Wales

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Welsh Public Sector

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The National Procurement Service and BT have worked together to make sure public sector organisations in Wales are offered compelling and easy to achieve ‘Quick Win‘ propositions and offers that have already saved public sector customers in Wales £350,000, since the launch of the National Procurement Service. The National Procurement service, which is hosted by the Welsh Government, has been established as a cross public sector collaboration to procure common and repetitive spend for Wales.

Over this financial year we estimate we can save the public sector in Wales a further £3.1m, and perhaps more.

BT has a team in Wales working with the National Procurement Service, exclusively focused on serving the interests of the Welsh public sector.

BT is committed to Powering Public Services by working with local and devolved government to deliver exceptional public services to the people of Wales.

The National Procurement Service was launched in November 2013 with the aim of enabling the Welsh public sector to collaborate more closely in procuring goods and services.  You can learn more about what they have to offer on their own site, which can be accessed via the link on the right hand navigation of this site.