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BT Alliance Overview

BT Alliance: Collaborate to Innovate

At BT we pride ourselves on being able to offer a complete portfolio of end-to-end global services for our customers. Sometimes, the best way for us to do that is to rely on the local knowledge offered by in-country suppliers and use applications and capabilities developed by other companies that meet the needs of specialised vertical markets served by a particular customer.

We’ve learned that in order to deliver a comprehensive and uniform set of valued services for customers globally we need to build close working partnerships with key organisations - this enables us to have the right reach in the right places.

Our vision

At BT we have a partnering vision which places our customer at the heart of everything we do. We believe that serving their needs will make us a better business.

Our mission is:

  • to be the partner of choice for delivering networked IT services via our partners.
  • to address the global requirements of our target customers and verticals through collaboration with our partners.
  • to be Number 1 for partner experience.
  • to drive sustainable, profitable growth by delivering end user value through partnering.
  • to build a passionate and high-performing partnering capability across BT Global Services and the BT partner community.

Our partners

We work with a range of different partners around the world including local Network, Telco- and IT services organisations that partner with BT to extend their customer offering. 

Why Partner with BT

A Partnership with BT

Being a BT partner means being confident that you are getting an award-winning product set along with best-in-class support, for both you and your customers.

Partnering increases:

  • Solution Offering, by enhancing and/or expanding your portfolio with the proven suite of BT’s global networked IT services
  • Opportunity, by being able to service more enterprises in their ever increasing global needs
  • Revenues, by offering more depth and breadth in services

And it reduces:

  • Time to Market, as BT’s services are ready and in use today
  • Risk, by using proven global services
  • Investment, leveraging the investments made by BT in global capabilities

At BT, it is our goal to offer our global partner community the highest standards of service, innovation and reliability in the industry. In order to do that we provide the tools and resources needed to grow your business with BT:

BT Alliance Extranet: Your one-stop access to all the tools, information and resources you need as a BT partner to help you sell BT products successfully.

BT Alliance Academy: A formal training and accreditation programme to help you learn how to spot and assess opportunities and quickly deliver against them.

BT Alliance Events: BT hosted events held in-region to provide opportunity for you to network with other channels, hear from BT executives and get the latest product and strategy updates.

Services and Solutions

Global Networked IT Services

BT offers Partners a modular approach to access our portfolio of global networked IT services. Rather than being obligated to market and sell the whole BT portfolio, Partners can choose only the products which are suitable and complimentary to their business. By combining BT’s capabilities with their own, Partners can offer a higher value to their customers.

BT IP Connect Global and PRO NNI
Global, end-to-end, managed network services leveraging BT’s 21st Century Network with access and support in 173 countries. BT IP Connect Global is a highly reliable, secure and resilient global network, designed to serve as the platform for the most advanced IP applications.

If you are a service provider of IP VPN services and your customers have offices outside your region you want to be able to offer a global network service to them while keeping your costs down. The BT Provider Reach Out Network to Network Interface (PRO NNI) service interconnects your regional MPLS network to BT’s IP Connect Global network allowing you to provide global VPNs to your customers without investing in equipment, connections, people and processes.

With BT PRO NNI you can expand your MPLS VPN service globally allowing you to access all capabilities and features of the IP Connect Global service.

BT MobileXpress:

In today's global economy, remote access to corporate intranets, customer and supplier extranets and the public Internet is a business necessity. The BT MobileXpress service offering allows organisations to extend the edge of the corporate enterprise, allowing remote users to access information in a convenient, secure and cost-effective manner. BT MobileXpress provides worldwide virtual private network (VPN) connectivity for remote users, whether for employees, business partners or customers.

BT Alliance Partner Programme

The Foundation for Partnering

BT’s Alliance Partner Programme is the foundation of our global strategy, helping our channels boost their presence in their geographies and market segments through the distribution of BT’s global networked IT services. This programme is designed to offer even more options for generating revenues and strengthening our partners’ relationship with BT.

So, what does our Partner Programme look like?

  • three simplified levels that make it even easier for channels to work with us
  • tools and benefits designed to help drive business
  • a points-based rewards system to determine partnership levels
  • eye-catching BT Alliance logos for use at each level

Our new Programme makes it easy for every channel to reach the level most appropriate for their business by earning points based on a variety of factors including marketing activities and training. And at each level, channels are offered different benefits to help them achieve sales success.