Breaking the banks

Breaking the banks

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Cybercrime a far reaching threat

Finance sector is a lucrative target for cybercrime

This white paper by Charles Fox, BT’s leading expert in Cyber Warfare covers the ever changing threats to the finance sector, where they are and what to do about them.

The finance sector is a lucrative target market for cybercrime, risks including disrupting the financial systems, in retail banking, exchanges and trading systems.

A far-reaching threat

Technology is changing the world of finance and the increase in vulnerabilities caused by online and mobile transactions.

Cyber threats can have an impact on an organisation’s confidence to bring in new technology, including the increased risks of the cloud on the cyber threat.

The white paper highlights the weak spots in security and how new technology can, if it’s not secured present a huge threat to financial organisations;

  • The web of vulnerabilities – inter linking within financial organisations creating a cyber chain reaction.
  • Cyber threats to investment banking, their focus on automated trading processes and investor confidence becoming important targets for hackers.
  • The evolving exploitation of vulnerabilities by cyber criminals on retail banks - the hackers tricks of the trade explained.
  • The problem with people - identifying insider threats

Picking the perfect partner

The right intelligence and expertise can tackle and eliminate vulnerabilities such as unsecured online banking or emails designed to steal personal data.

  • Raise awareness and lower the risk for your organisation, predict, detect and manage significant threats.
  • Use the expertise of an experienced team who can bring with them the latest threat intelligence.

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Breaking the banks

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The threat landscape in the financial sector

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