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Generation Y and changing network demands: new research from BT and InfoVista

This new research from InfoVista and BT looks at how the ever-increasing Generation Y1 workforce is turning the workplace on its head.  We are moving, changing, exploring and experimenting more with what is digitally possible and Generation Y will help shape the world of work and the supportive network infrastructures for many years to come

The report establishes a clear need for CIOs to guarantee application performance and maximize user experience by adopting a new governance approach to measure and predict performance. In addition, respondents highlighted dynamic hybrid WAN as the best way to balance better application user experience against rising network costs.

Expectations of Generation Y1

Their expectations of end user applications are high and they require mobility and flexibility in working locations and methods of communication. They want to embrace everything that is digitally possible.  They view instant access to information and ease of collaboration as essential to the structure of their working day.

Impact upon IT infrastructure

The results of our extensive worldwide online survey (as defined in this report) present a comprehensive view of the increasing challenges faced by IT departments in balancing budget and cost constraints with the ever increasing expectations of a new generation of workforce and clients.

Supplemented by open questions that evoke thoughtful responses, this report evidences the growing user demand for network hungry business applications and the resulting need for high-level application and network performance. We provide an insight into how organisations recognise these challenges, highlight recognised solutions and we examine the key benefits in doing so.

Are companies recognizing Generation Y1 trends?

Yes, the top three major ICT trends recognised as playing an important role in the business agenda of organisations are:-

Cloud computingCloud computing (driven not only by the speed of adoption, but also by the ease of use associated with cloud applications).

Information securityInformation security as the pervasive use of cloud applications and mobile devices (both business provided and personal) adds pressure to the security infrastructure.

Multi device and mobilityMulti device and mobility as the increasingly mobile workforce replicates the consumer experience in the business world.

In addition:-

  • Performance: 67% of respondents state that end users are demanding enhanced application performance and 63% expect better availability of applications.
  • Productivity: Applications implemented in the last two years and planned for roll out in the next two years focus on productivity, i.e. unified communications, collaboration and cloud based productivity.
  • A further challenge is the reduction in IT budgets. In the current challenging business environment for organisations across both private and public sectors, 54% of respondents are asked to deliver more with the same or lower budget. Network is mission critical

Network is mission criticalIt is unsurprising, that 94% of organisations agree that the network is mission critical. To meet both business demands and the expectations of the evolving workforce it is essential that the network remains fit for purpose at all times.

However, the survey highlights that the increased volume of network traffic is NOT without problems with in excess of 90% of respondents having received complaints relating to application performance.

Have a look at our research to find out more about the impacts.

1 Generation Y are the demographic cohort following Generation X ranging in birth years from circa 1980 to 2000.



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