The Connected Car

The Connected Car

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Will Smart Cars drive in a threat landscape?

Discover steps the automotive industry needs to take

As the automotive industry readies itself for Connected Cars that talk to each other and access the Internet, it’s anticipating astonishing on-board features. Predictive systems that bypass traffic jams, reduce carbon emissions and improve safety could become the norm.

But could Connected Cars harbour vulnerabilities that leave them open to malware and carjacking, risking privacy, safety and security on the road? Now’s the time for the industry’s regulators and thought leaders to assess the threat landscape and plan ahead.

Merging car safety and cyber security

Community approach could be the answer

Car safety and cyber security are no longer exclusive domains – and merging them is a complex exercise that presents risks of its own.

The automotive industry should consider opening up vehicle specific protocol information for owners and researchers, which will crowd source findings and provide new ‘outside the box’ solutions.

Public researchers are not the enemy, but an asset to be cultivated. Remember - the enemy would use your issues against you, not tell you about them…


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