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Increasing business agility and innovation through the move to cloud

Digital disruption is affecting every business — whether it considers itself a technology company or not. New entrants to various markets are using digital to create new business models. Existing competitors are creating closer customer relationships based on data. And all the time, customers are becoming more demanding as technology empowers them to seek out the best value and most responsive service. Whether old or new, every business is seeking to gain the maximum value from digital transformation.

We believe responding to the challenge of digital in your industry is not a one-off activity. In fact, it’s likely to be the beginning of an ongoing process of renewal and reinvention. While it’s clear that digital is now a boardroom priority and indeed for many a competitive imperative, everyone is at a different stage and transforming at different speeds.

Many organisations are still taking incremental steps, rather than having a digital strategy fully rolled out or in production, as they balance the opportunities and challenges that comes with delivering their digital agenda. Whether this be current infrastructure that is struggling to support the rapid adoption of digital technologies, or indeed making sure that it’s secure and protected and ready for the new threat landscape.

So, while digital transformation is driving rapid change, we believe the pace of this change needs to be under your control. But wherever you are on the journey, it's crucial to have the right technology environment and service approach underpinning your digital strategy.

At its core, this needs to be an infrastructure that is built on a hybrid approach. It’s about providing the bridge from the old world with the new, the traditional with the digital. In this way, the speed of adoption and change that digital is driving can be under your control.

And fundamental to the success of the digital business is the network. It’s only the network that can bring these choice of services together, and deliver the performance and great user experience your customers will demand.

So, what are the various attributes this infrastructure needs to have to enable you to win and thrive as a digital business?

Flexibility – to be a digital business, you need to able to connect with different services and different partners, without the risk of being ‘locked-in’ to any one provider.

Agile – thanks to the internet and cloud, digital businesses can get new applications to market at unprecedented speed, complete with full compatibility, ready to work across all platforms and devices in hours and days, not months.

Innovative – your infrastructure needs to be able to adapt and support the adoption of digital technologies.

Intelligent – to respond to new opportunities quickly, you need to have real time data on how your services are operating for you.

Collaborative – your technology infrastructure needs to be able to support cloud based collaborative services and tools so you unlock new ways of working to drive productivity and reduce costs.

Cost-effective – customers also need to have access to flexible commercial models to give greater agility and more control over costs. That’s why we offer a mix of pay-as-you-go pricing as well as pre-pay cost models for predictability, so you can be confident that costs never spiral out of control.

Secure – finally, the infrastructure needs to be secure to protect your data and your brand.

How we can help

We work with our customers to develop a digital strategy and build a secure infrastructure optimised for their needs. An infrastructure that is personalised. An infrastructure that exploits cloud services for the benefit of their business without compromising security. An infrastructure that adapts and changes at the pace of their very own digital transformation journey.

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