CEO perspectives in the digital age

CEO perspectives in the digital age

Digital transformation

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Transformation in the digital age

What makes an excellent digital experience for customers, employees and your business?

Our new research, based on a survey conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit, explores the views of more than 400 global CEOs, and reveals the importance of digital transformation to multinational organisations today.

The majority of CEOs have digital transformation at the top of their boardroom agenda and nearly a quarter of them are personally leading transformation programmes.

Seventy five per cent of CEOs are confident that their specific programmes will deliver their strategic objectives including making operational efficiencies, improving customer service and innovating for the future. But can a business truly have an excellent digital experience?

Customer experience is key

Customer service - and specifically the digital customer experience – is of high importance. CEOs say they are highly confident in their digital customer experience. However, there are still some barriers in the form of insight into what customers want and the technology skills to deliver this.

CEOs display similarly high confidence in their employee’s digital experience. Their focus is to retain employees, increase productivity and reduce costs.

No digital transformation can succeed without the right infrastructure

One of the biggest concerns for many CEOs is the infrastructure on which their digital programmes rely, with eighty six per cent saying they face challenges. CEOs see internet of things, cloud computing and mobile computing as the technology trends that will have the most significant impact on their organisation over the next two to three years. They identify inflexible technology as the main obstacle to a better digital infrastructure; there is clearly work to be done to establish the integrated, cost effective and secure infrastructure which will support the digital business of the future.

Security concerns should not hold back digital transformation

When it comes to digital ambition, some CEOs consider cybersecurity measures a necessary evil while others take a more constructive view that security is an opportunity to create differentiation, especially in consumer-facing sectors. The research suggests CEOs no longer see security as an obstacle and that it should not hold back any digital progression.

There is sustained focus on digital transformation at the very top of global organisations. While confidence is good, there are also areas of weakness within multinational organisations, primarily around security, technology skills and insight. The opportunity to evolve through digital continues to grow and many organisations are looking at how it can enable competitive advantage.

Download the full report to see what else is on the CEOs agenda.

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CEO perspectives on business transformation in the digital age