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Seamless employee collaboration across technologies

The digital employee works in a productive and efficient business environment. They have the freedom to work from anywhere and are no longer governed by location to define where and how they work. They work persistently, switching between different communications channels and collaborating as easily face to face as over video. Collaboration technologies make new ways of doing things possible.

  • 67% of people say that being able to work on the move, at home and flexibly through good technology is more important than being offered a company car!
  • 61% want easier access to communications on the move for work.
  • 53% of employees work flexibly.

The benefits of this way of working are clear. Businesses can experience a 50% decrease in their collaboration costs as users take advantage of cheaper alternatives such as VoIP. Employees also become more productive - our analysis has shown that the average call duration has dropped as calls are more effective with users not having to repeat themselves or seek clarification.

People first, technology second

An organisational chart may show hierarchy, but it doesn't represent how people actually interact within and beyond an organization. Just as roles differ, so do our collaboration priorities and device needs.

We believe the best outcome comes from putting people first and technology second. There is also no contradiction in the need to deliver cost reduction, better productivity and improved motivation. The right approach delivers all three.

But changing communication and collaboration technology is a major transformation. A poor user experience is an obstacle to delivering the benefits that are expected, whilst a great user experience is core to making it happen. Interoperability between technology vendors and systems is key to ensure the right experience.

How we can help you

Our experience shows that if we make it work for each individual we get the best outcome. That means the right services, at the right price, great user experience end-to-end and a plan to get fast take up of a new experience. We have the practical experience of over 700,000 users using or in deployment across our cloud platforms.

Our methodology is based on grouping users into personas, groups of people with the same need, ways of working. A clear view of the personas informs the right technology choices.

We have a broad catalogue of cloud, network, mobile, security, management and service capabilities that we bring together into the right set of services and experience for every persona. We price these services so that there is a flexible and transparent price for each persona.

Each persona will have their own particular adoption requirements and plan. The right plan for adoption drives early take up, lower project costs and early benefits. And each persona has a different measure of success, different KPI’s for progress and impact and different reporting.

By embracing the right technology and training, and forstering a culture of collaboration at your organisations, you can find that critical balance between cost saving and productivity”
- Andrew Small, Vice President, Unified Communications, Mobility, Contact Centre and CPE Portfolio

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