Extraordinary IT, exotic locations

Extraordinary IT, exotic locations

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Going above and beyond to connect the world’s most remote regions

When we say we’re a global communications company, we really do mean global

Sure, we connect continents and cities around the word, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Reaching into some of the most remote locations on Earth, our networks also bring the power of communication to people, ranging from the sweltering depths of the Amazon rainforest to the frozen tundra of icy Antarctica, and beyond.

To give you an idea of the lengths we go to, take a look at our collection of case studies — each telling a story of how our innovative IT creates positive change in exotic and isolated locations.

Loving the lucky trucks


The Caixa lottery’s at the heart of everyday life in Brazil. Live broadcasts draw big local crowds. And in remote locations, lottery outlets double as bank branches. For the most isolated places, these outlets come in the form of a truck — and this creates a challenge. That’s why Antônio Carlos Barasuol, National Manager of Physical Channels at Caixa, came to us. Using our networking expertise, we helped connect locals to the lottery they love.


Hands up for broadband

Built at the heart of remote African communities, SOS Children’s Sos-children-villageVillages provide  young people with healthcare and vocational training. And it’s access to the internet in these centres that opens up a world of information — helping children to learn. That’s why the organisation decided to partner with us. Now, using our broadband satellite technology, 30 SOS Children’s Villages across Africa have the internet at their fingertips.

Feeling the Vive


Vive Digital, an initiative from the Colombian government, is designed to give the country a technological leap — improving the standard of living and boosting the economy. To help bring this idea to life, Vive Digital came to us. We connected 591 Vive Digital Kiosks in rural and remote communities to the internet, so locals can now experience an entirely new way of communication — while doing business, learning and playing.


Snow global signals


Because it’s the best possible site for monitoring Galileo — the European global satellite-based navigation system — it’s crucial that Ice Station Troll in Antarctica is securely connected to the rest of the world. And that’s why we were chosen to help. We ensure that signals to and from the Troll station are relayed via a powerful and secure data connection to two Galileo Control Centres in Europe.


Floating the financial market


Latin America’s largest public bank, Caixa Econômica Federal, has many customers living in isolated communities attached to the Amazon River. To reach these people, the bank looked to the waterways. And this meant it needed a whole new level of connectivity and technology — one that allowed its boats to provide all the functions of an everyday branch, and more. Using our experience and expertise, that’s exactly what we helped the bank to provide.


Kinross Gold


It’s not just the metal that’s precious when you’re mining for gold. For Kinross Gold, safeguarding staff, equipment and data is vital, too — especially in tough terrain like the Arctic Circle and the Sahara Desert. To ensure the security of these assets, the mining company needed to make sure its isolated facilities had a strong, safe internet connection — and our secure, reliable network was just the solution for the job.

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