Global Cloud Index 2015 - 2020

Global Cloud Index 2015 - 2020


Seven trends in data centre virtualisation and cloud computing

Cloud adoption is accelerating

Cloud has evolved over the past few years, from an emerging technology to an established virtualisation solution that is becoming increasingly common within enterprises across different sectors. The Cisco Global Cloud Index forecasts a dramatic shift over the coming years, with cloud data centres growing more than three times faster than traditional data centres by 2020.

Public cloud prevails

The Cisco GCI report outlines that there will be increased business adoption of public cloud as a result of growing concerns in costs and scalability. The report forecasts that, both traditional and private cloud data centers will lose significant share to public clouds across many applications; by 2020 half of compute and collaboration applications will have moved to the public cloud, whereas 100% of search and social networking applications will reside in public clouds.

And here’s why you should download the research

More and more organisations have reported their plans for cloud migration or adoption, so what are the drivers behind this? In what way are they benefiting from the increased virtualisation and cloud computing? How are regions different in the level of cloud readiness to support advanced cloud applications that organisations and end users expect and rely upon?

Download the Cisco Global Cloud Index report by completing the form, and you’ll learn the top seven trends in cloud computing and data centre virtualisation that can help you get better prepared for your cloud journey.

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Cisco global cloud index

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