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Creating a network for the digital insurer

Digital transformation

Which digital technologies are having the biggest impact on the insurance industry?

How insurers can achieve agility, efficiency and control within the network

Ovum’s white paper explores how, as insurers become defined by their digital capabilities, the resilience and performance of their network infrastructure is mission-critical.

As new technology disrupts the sector and shapes customer and business demand, how can insurance companies make sure their infrastructure provides the performance and agility the market requires?

Today’s customers want a personalised, multi-platform experience while, at the same time, technology like cloud computing and the Internet of Things (IoT) are fundamentally reshaping mainstream insurance propositions.

This means that insurance service providers must be able to rapidly adapt to changing user and business needs. Ovum’s white paper identifies the underlying network capabilities and key trends that insurers need to be aware of.

Key trends in digital insurance

  • The rise of a software-defined approach to services, including centralised orchestration and automation.
  • A movement towards hybrid, multi-cloud models.
  • The pace of digital disruption and its acceleration, due to technologies like the IoT.
  • The entry of companies like Google and Amazon into the insurance sector.
  • Increasing requirements on networks to deliver digital insurance services.
  • The need for efficiency, flexibility, security and business risk management.

How the insurance sector can keep ahead

These trends are having myriad effects on the global insurance industry, from catalysing investment in ‘traditional’ customer channels like contact centres, to driving the move towards innovative new products and services.

Cost constraints are holding many back from becoming fully-realised digital businesses, and growth in cyber crime is threatening many more. But without the right technology, including operational excellence in ICT, companies won’t be able to stay competitive.

That’s why it’s so important to adopt a software-defined approach to your network. This will enable insurance companies to pool resources, centralise and simplify processes, improve security and scalability, increase agility and performance, and take advantage of automation.

Download the white paper to find out more, including how cloud computing can support the levels of ICT change required, and why so many insurers are adopting a hybrid-cloud strategy.

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