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The BT CIO report 2016 – the digital CIO

Global research into the changing role of the CIO and digital transformation.

Technology is fast reshaping our world and has the potential to change everything - businesses, communities, nations and the wider world. Every enterprise is working out their unique approach of adapting in this digital era and already using technology in new and creative ways to transform their business.

So what does this ‘digital possible’ mean for the CIO? Our previous report into the modern CIO told us their job was becoming more strategic, creative and consultative. This year, we’ve interviewed more than 1000 CIOs in 11 countries around the world about how their role is changing further as they lead their organisations into the digital future.

The report shows that CIOs are continuing to be more central to the boardroom and the overall business strategy.  The impact of cloud, mobility and collaboration, and data and analytics are changing the way they support their business.

A fifth of organisations are describing themselves as completely cloud-centric and the majority of others have more than 50 per cent of their applications and infrastructure in the cloud.  However 65 per cent of respondents said their current infrastructure is struggling to support the rapid adoption of digital technologies.

Another highlight is the impact of purchasing technology outside of the IT department, with 72 per cent of CIOs feeling this is causing them to lose control of their IT estate, and this is set to continue to grow.  All areas of the business are pushing hard for the latest technology and this is driving the need for flexible multi-speed business models.

Without exception, every CIO considers the digitisation of business to be a personal priority – whether it’s disruptive new revenue streams, digital elements to customer experience, or the transformation of internal processes. And as a result, CIOs are measuring the success of their organisation against different KPIs compared to 12 months ago.

Download the full report and find out more about the critical CIO skills for digital success, views on cloud models and security, the reasons behind multi-speed technology approaches and who is really spending the IT budget.

Digital CIO Report


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