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Field Force Tracking and Telemetry

BT Field Force Tracking and Telemetry

Key features and benefits

Gain visibility, cost control and improved service

BT Field Force Tracking and Telemetry helps you improve visibility, cost control and customer service capabilities by providing you with:

  • Realtime monitoring: built-in GPS technology enables you to track the exact location of your vehicles, employees or assets. A web-based interface provides you with up-to-date maps, tailored reporting, and the ability to calculate journey times and the estimated arrival time.
  • Vehicle telemetry: full vehicle telemetry captures information about fuel consumption, driver behaviour and vehicle performance by interfacing with vehicle engine management systems – enabling you to improve vehicle efficiency and fuel costs.
  • Route optimisation: tracking systems enable you to analyse journey information, helping you plan routes more efficiently. Research shows organisations that have deployed tracking technologies reduced the distance travelled by their vehicles by an average of 231.2 miles per week. Greater efficiency reduces cost, improves productivity and can enhance customer service.
  • Safety features: a panic alert facility enables mobile employees to raise an alarm if they think they are in danger. The monitoring centre is then able to locate the employee and request support. Alerts can be triggered automatically, through geo-fencing, when vehicles or employees move out of their expected zone or enter areas that are known to be potentially hazardous, improving the safety of vehicles and employees.
  • Security: a tracking service provides location details for stolen vehicles, leading to quicker recovery and assisting with the apprehension of thieves. Additionally, these devices deter and minimise vehicle theft and damage. Enhanced security options also enable both automatic and remote vehicle immobilisation.


Improve management of your fleet and mobile assets

Efficient management of your mobile assets and vehicle fleet is a vital part of your business. BT Field Force Tracking and Telemetry provides you with realtime, location-based information that can improve distribution, supply-chain and field service management operations. Plus, enhance your customer service capabilities through improved visibility, cost control and reliability.

BT enabled unnecessary journeys to be reduced, cutting mileage down by 20 per cent and reducing cost and the company’s carbon footprint. Vehicle monitoring has enabled improved response times to emergency situations and will also help with rapid recovery of stolen vehicles.”
– Brian Olley, Work Management Programme Manager, Northumbrian Water

Key benefits

Flexible, cost-effective and secure

BT Field Force Tracking and Telemetry offers flexible and effective options, enabling you to:

  • Significantly reduce fuel use and transport costs.
  • Improve workforce, vehicle and asset utilisation.
  • Reduce administration and operational costs.
  • Improve customer satisfaction by being able to answer customer questions instantly with access to realtime location data.
  • Comply with duty of care and working time directives.
  • Improve driver standards and reduce insurance claims.
  • Enhance vehicle and employee security with panic and security alarm options.
  • Enhance scheduling systems with access to actual journey time statistics.

Detailed description

Accurately track and manage your mobile assets

Advances in technology have dramatically improved the reliability and accuracy of tracking, telemetry and navigation services. BT Field Force Tracking and Telemetry offers you managed services that can encompass tracking, telemetry and navigation for all your mobile assets.

Web-based applications enables alarms and reports to be accessed easily across single-site, multiple-site and wide-area environments, while reporting and alerts can be tailored to meet your individual requirements.

Out-of-the-box reporting increases visibility of vehicles, assets, employees and consignments. It quickly enables you to view data, such as how long a vehicle and driver have been on the road, vehicle idle time, location, speed and journey time.

BT Field Force Tracking and Telemetry provides fully scalable platforms suitable for any fleet size, number of assets or employees. Realtime, location-based information improves distribution, supply-chain and field service management operations, while enhancing customer service through improved visibility, cost control and reliability.

Who should buy

Trusted solutions from field service professionals

BT Field Force Tracking and Telemetry can help you optimise your service operations, vehicle fleet, plant and equipment utilisation and mobile employee productivity, while improving safety and security. It will be of particular benefit if your organisation has:

  • A high volume of installation/fitting and break-fix workloads.
  • Large vehicle and driver fleets with dynamic delivery and visit schedules.
  • A densely populated field workforce with a mix of full time and contracted staff.
  • Regional dispatchers that manage task assignments for field workers.
  • A base of serviceable assets in field locations.
  • Mobile assets, such as vehicle fleets, tools, plant and equipment.
  • Lone workers interacting with the public or working in remote locations.
  • Varied skills and aptitudes represented in your field workforce.

Why BT

Your field force automation experts

BT has a unique combination of expertise, experience and independence in field force automation (FFA). This enables us to create and implement solutions that address the specific business challenges you face. We understand the strategic, operational and regulatory pressures under which organisations with mobile workforces operate, having pioneered the use of mobile computing platforms and FFA solutions with 30,000 of BT’s own field service employees.

BT has generated the following internal benefits from field force automation:

  • £175 million annual ROI from increased efficiencies and cost savings.
  • 36 per cent increase in field service productivity.
  • Rationalisation of field service control centres from 100 to just three.

BT is network, hardware and software vendor-independent and has the experience of combining technologies from multiple vendors into seamless solutions for our customers. This means that the most suitable technology is deployed only after careful evaluation of your needs. BT understands cultural change and the key role it plays in the success of an FFA initiative. We work alongside our customers, their workforce, and union and works council representatives to help ensure a smooth and successful implementation.