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SD-WAN with Nuage Networks

Agile Connect

Enabling a digital business

Flexible agile network solution

BT Agile Connect is one of our SD-WAN solutions, utilising Nuage Networks technology, and is a key component of our Dynamic Network Services. It offers the flexibility, agility and control you are looking for in your platform to enable your digital business.

BT Agile Connect delivers:

  • increased service availability and more bandwidth at a lower cost
  • simpler control of the network and the ability to view traffic
  • support for your migration to the ever expanding number of cloud and internet based services
  • faster set-up of a secure solution.

BT Agile Connect features:

Dynamic routing as part of a hybrid VPN

Dynamic routingOne of the key benefits of an SD-WAN solution and why it’s such a key component of a hybrid infrastructure is the dynamic routing capability.

Dynamic routing is seen as crucial to a modern network because it enables an active / active connection instead of the traditional active / backup solution. This means that both the main and back-up connection are used for network traffic, increasing the capacity of the site.

BT Agile Connect is transport agnostic and so it can be built on BT’s secure resilient global network or your own connectivity.

Applications are prioritised based on their importance to the organisation, with high priority traffic taking the best performing route. That route is software-defined rather than a pre-defined route, ensuring it can react to the current circumstances in order to maximise performance.

Whilst this sounds complicated, it’s simply implemented through the use of our My Account portal. The portal enables the prioratisation of applications whilst also giving an overview of the existing estate and detailed reporting on the network and applications which run on it. The portal also plays a key role in the simple installation process.

Simple, fast and secure installation

Simple, fast and secure installationBT Agile Connect can be set up in a fraction of the time of a traditional network. The device is assigned to the site on our My Account portal, the box is then shipped to the site with simple instructions, set up is then completed with an in-built security and activation process. The box can be connected to a choice of different network services, either MPLS, business grade internet or broadband services. You no longer need to wait for new network connectivity, it can be implemented on existing infrastructure.

Security is a key component of the installation process and is inherent within the solution. We offer security of the overlay network, secure routing between internet overlay and MPLS VPN and security of the devices on the network.

BT’s Agile Connect SD-WAN solution

BT has created a unique SD-WAN solution with Nuage Networks technology. Watch the video to see how sites are simply set up, the network and security is configured, applications are managed and the insight available from reporting.

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How we can help

How we can help

SD-WAN capability you can’t get anywhere else

Our BT Agile Connect solution utilises technology from Nuage Networks, but we have built the solution on our network, it is unique in the market. It offers:

  • Choice of underlay services globally on our overlay solution
  • in-network gateways for simple, automated connectivity between existing IP Connect sites and BT Agile Connect sites
  • self-service reporting and installation through the same My Account portal used for wider BT services
  • the ability to operate multi-tenant controllers and gateways
  • a highly scalable full mesh VPN and routing scalability
  • complete service support, we ensure smooth delivery of services and ensure on-going availability with support when you need it
  • in-built network security, device security and integration with BT’s award winning security services, both managed security and cyber security

Going forward we will soon be launching new virtual network functions which can be deployed on a BT Agile Connect solution, including security services such as firewall capability.


Getting the most from your network

BT Agile Connect is network agnostic, but we recommend that it’s provided on BT’s secure resilient global network infrastructure. We believe this crucial to achieving the true technical and commercial benefits of a SD-WAN solution. Our Dynamic Network Services offer:

Global availability

Global availability of a choice of network services – connectivity globally from our IP, Ethernet or internet platforms. There is a choice of bandwidth, access and service options plus new capabilities like bandwidth on demand.

Technical expertise

Service and technical expertise – expertise and support to ensure every solution is a success. Our professional services team ensure you create the right solution, and our global service organisation to provide local support

Cloud services

Cloud services – a range of cloud services as part of our Cloud of Clouds ecosystem including direct connectivity to a range of cloud providers such as Microsoft, AWS and Salesforce.


Security – market leading security throughout our Dynamic Network Services solutions.


Roadmap to the future – our R&D teams were involved in the inception of many of these technologies and are leading the market in the latest network services such as orchestration and development of virtual network functions.



Agile Connect

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