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Air Logistics - Cargo EDI messaging services


Enjoy fast communication with your Air transport partners

Communication within the air logistics community has been hampered by the industry's legacy of disparate messaging platforms.

BT Air Logistics can provide you with a choice of interfaces to suit your requirements, ranging from low-cost internet solutions to high security dedicated communications links. These channels provide a fast, reliable data exchange between airlines, freight forwarders, ground handlers and customs authorities.

Key benefits

High-performance messaging through a variety of interfaces

BT Air Logistics Messaging Services supply the air cargo industry with a flexible communication interface that:

  • Enables you to access a broad range of critical business information.
  • Ensures that you can communicate easily with all your business partners.
  • Helps reduce the overhead costs of your communications management.
  • Encourages fast interactive dialogue with your collaborators.
  • Saves time and cost spent tracking cargo via telephone call, fax or email.
  • Provides a secure, reliable communications platform.
  • Helps speed up your delivery times.
  • Can help you to improve your customer service.
  • Is fully compliant with International Air Transport Association (IATA) messaging standards and regulations.

Key features and benefits

Configured with speed, simplicity and security in mind

Air Logistics Messaging Services can benefit your air freight organisation by:

Delivering fast and accessible communications: Messaging Services present a flexible interface, which:

  • Provides high-performance message translation, enabling you to communicate across platforms in realtime.
  • Converts between different versions of the same message, allowing all parties to share detailed information.
  • Makes use of a variety of modern, reliable communication and interface mechanisms.

Ensuring simplicity of use: Messaging Services are easy to use, enabling data exchange and:

  • Integrating the internet and other modern interface techniques with traditional EDI messaging.
  • Reducing the amount of cost and effort required to update existing applications to support communication between air freight partners.
  • Supporting all commonly exchanged standard air freight messages and formats.
  • Supporting non-standard and proprietary messages, enabling information exchange with other organisations and interested parties.
  • Enabling instant exchange of information, including status, schedule and consignment updates, between participants.
  • Has the potential to be extended to include other industries and organisations or even additional platforms.

Maintaining integrity of information: Messaging Services are configured with secure communication in mind to:

  • Protect the integrity of all data, supporting secure paperless exchanges of information between contributing parties.
  • Provide reliable delivery of time-critical information, improving quality of service.

Detailed description

Successful messaging is now easy, universal and compliant

BT Air Logistics Messaging Services provide cost-effective, convenient access to a range of critical business information. Your organisation gains the ability to share information with other users throughout the air freight industry supply chain. Our range of services can help reduce costs, speed up delivery times and improve customer service.

The heart of BT Messaging Services is a high-performance International Air Transport Association (IATA) compliant messaging switch that enables fast and efficient exchange of information whilst minimising the impact on your legacy systems. The switch receives your messages in the format that you can support and decides whether they need to be converted into a format supported by the recipient, before forwarding them on.

Connecting to BT Air Logistics Messaging Services helps you to maximise profitability and performance through better systems integration and reduced development workload.

Technical specifications

Automatic translation into any medium

BT Air Logistics Messaging Services translate between different messaging formats including:

  • Cargo Interchange Message Procedures (CargoIMP)
  • Electronic Data Interchange for Administration, Commerce and Transport (EDIFACT)
  • Cargo IMP version of EDIFACT (CargoFACT)
  • American Standard Code for Information Interchange (ASCII)
  • Extensible Markup Language (XML)

Messaging Services interlink the Internet with traditional Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) messaging. Our services are fully International Air Transport Association (IATA) messaging compliant.

Who should buy

Are BT Messaging Services right for you?

BT Air Logistics Messaging Services will be particularly useful if your air freight organisation is looking to:

  • Communicate effectively with other airlines, forwarders and customs.
  • Save time and costs devoted to telephone calls and investigations locating missing or delayed shipments.
  • Enhance your business performance and speed-up delivery times.
  • Protect the integrity of your data.
  • Achieve industry compliance.
  • Improve customer service.


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Why BT

BT has over 35 years of air logistics experience

BT has pioneered the use of air cargo solutions that deliver seamless information exchange, carry out essential customs processes and improve visibility across the supply chain.

BT is well placed to support the Air Logistics industry as it tackles increasing competitive pressures and regulation. BT is a very proactive member of Cargo 2000 and has provided customs, messaging and freight management solutions during the last 35 years. We also have a presence in 170 countries worldwide, and BT's UK customs service is used by over 720 traders in 580 companies, processing 95 per cent of all goods imported into the UK by air.