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Analogue Private Circuits

Analogue Private Circuits (APCs)

The benefits

Get simple and effective networking you can rely on

Connect your UK sites with your own private line. With always-on connections that are yours and yours alone, your voice and data transmissions are secure and reliable.

Get higher security at flat rate prices
Our secure circuits cut the risk of your sensitive voice and data traffic being infiltrated or sabotaged. And since you only pay a fixed price for the circuit, regardless of traffic, it’s easy to set budgets.

Plan for your needs
With a choice of standard (two-wire) or high quality (four-wire) versions you can tailor your network for voice or low speed data applications. 

Fast delivery, anywhere in the UK
We’re the only supplier offering APCs nationally, and we’ll get you connected within 20 days of your order.

Reliability with support
We can give you consistent reliability levels of 99.9 per cent. And for the other 0.01 per cent, you’re covered by our PromptCare maintenance or you can upgrade to TotalCare.

What it costs

What it costs

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More reasons to buy

Our record speaks for itself

We’re one of the biggest and most successful telecoms and business service providers in the world. You’ll only need one supplier and we’re known for reliability and security, with SLAs that make sure you always get exactly what you pay for.

We’re the only supplier who can offer APCs across the UK mainland.

Technical specs

Get a network that works for you

Our Analogue Private Circuits include:

Analogue Standard (Speech and Data)
Analogue standard is a two-wire presented point-to-point circuit, either between two phones, from a phone to a central switchboard, or as a low-speed link into a central computer. It’s not suitable for automatic signalling, tandem working, or for extending PSTN calls

Analogue Premier
Analogue Premier is a high quality two- or four-wire presented point-to-point circuit suitable for external extensions or for building a network. You can link it in tandem to offer end-to-end transmission through an intermediate location.

Analogue Network
Analogue Network is a high quality four-wire presented circuit that gives you maximum network flexibility, as well as letting you extend internal calls onward through a private network. Alternative speech and data working is possible and you can use inter-register multi-frequency signalling.

Baseband Standard & Premier
Baseband is a range of two- and four-wire presented circuits designed to use with Baseband terminal equipment. Baseband is only available between premises in the same BT exchange area and only then when there’s an unloaded continuous metallic path. Customers often use Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) modems on Baseband circuits, but we can’t guarantee this will work.

Multipoint Standard & Premier
Multipoint circuits are designed for data transmission that can link up to 12 (only up to 08 for new circuit provides ) outstations to a single central station. These services are made up of local ends, branching points, main links and spurs. 

Analogue DealerStream
A product especially for London City dealers. We offer DealerStream circuits where both circuit ends terminate in the 0207 area also known as the Central London Zone.
The Analogue 2w and 4w variants are known as DealerStream 1 to 6.


Available across the UK

Most Analogue Private Circuits are available throughout the UK.


Ideal for connecting small sites & telemetry

Our APCs can support direct voice transmission and low-speed data applications between your sites, so you can use them in many ways including:

  • connecting satellite telephone extensions to your PBX (private branch exchange)
  • joining PBXs within your network
  • linking applications in a data network for low-volume data transfer
  • transmitting telemetry data and monitoring alarms.

Service Level Agreement

Service Level Agreement

Our comprehensive Service Level Agreement means you pay less if we don’t meet our commitments for delivery time and on-time repair.



Standard Terms and Conditions

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Standard T&Cs for private services.