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Personal mobile call management

BT Autobalance


Simply and accurately identify personal calls

Identifying which calls are personal and which are business-related on a corporate mobile phone bill is a complex and time-consuming task. We can help you easily and cost-effectively achieve total clarity regarding employee mobile phone use. Armed with the facility to easily separate out business and non-business calls you can charge back accordingly, and more accurately control overall mobile call spend.

[BT Autobalance] immediately fulfilled our requirements for VAT reporting. We had considered other ways of achieving this but none were anywhere near as fool-proof and as simple to implement. We also discovered that Autobalance is an excellent analysis tool enabling us to analyse all aspects of how our mobile phones are used. [It provided a] good picture of the overall use of our mobile phones and has revealed some misuse and inappropriate use which we are now able to monitor.”
- Karen Young, WBB Minerals

Key benefits

Increased control, reduced spend

With BT Autobalance you can simply and efficiently:

  • Reduce the time, effort and resources needed to cost-effectively manage mobile phone billing.
  • Simplify the process of identifying calls that should be charged back to the user.
  • Achieve greater control over personal use of business mobile phones and ensure compliance with corporate policies.
  • Make more accurate value added tax (VAT) claims and avoid the risk of hefty fines – as much as £1 million in the most serious cases – from Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC).

Key features and benefits

Simplifying your billing procedures

BT Autobalance makes it easy to separate personal calls from business mobile calls by:

  • Empowering your employees to quickly and easily tag personal calls via an online interface.
  • Providing a simplified billing process that can be integrated with your monthly payroll to both streamline administration and make it easier to accurately charge back for personal calls.

Gain greater visibility

BT Autobalance gives greater visibility into your organisation’s total spend on mobile calls and helps you:

  • More easily monitor and control personal calls spend across the organisation.
  • Reduce the time, effort and expense of manually identifying personal calls spend and calculating salary deductions.

Put your employees in control

Personal call expenses currently account for over 20 per cent of the average monthly business mobile phone bill – according to internal BT research and wider industry analysis. By simplifying the management and recovery of the cost of personal calls, BT Autobalance can also:

  • Provide employees with the facility to manage personal numbers, establish rules (to classify different call types for example) and review monthly bills online.
  • Enable employees to use a single device for all calls, rather than requiring separate phones for business and personal use.
  • Ensure that preferential business tariffs are passed on to employees, helping them gain real value during personal use of business mobiles.

Simply achieve VAT compliance 

Stringent penalties can be imposed for attempting to reclaim VAT on personal calls made from business mobiles, and Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) have established a task force to pursue those who do. With BT Autobalance you can:

  • Be confident in the accuracy of your VAT claims.
  • Avoid the risk of incurring a fine of up to £1 million for inaccurately reclaiming VAT on personal calls made from business mobiles.

Detailed description

Automatically identify personal phone use and reduce overall cost

With BT Autobalance you can easily tag the elements of mobile phone bills that your organisation wouldn’t normally pay for, including:

  • Personal and international calls
  • Short message service (SMS) texts
  • Multimedia and information services

Your employees receive a monthly notification that their personal bill is available online with BT Autobalance. Once validated, you can then accurately charge back the cost of personal calls, and even part of the line rental if required, leading to significant savings on your organisation’s total call spend.

Clear visibility

BT Autobalance provides an online dashboard to deliver a clear, accurate overview of your organisation’s mobile calls bill. With this facility you can view:

  • Cost summary: including total cost of calls, recurring and non-recurring costs, VAT costs, total number and duration of calls made, as well as the number of phones contained in the bill.
  • Trend analysis: providing a graphical representation of current mobile spend.
  • Watchpoints: delivering clear and accurate visibility of phones and numbers you have chosen to monitor, as well as comparisons with previous bills.
  • Observations and actions: illustrating your chosen observations with links to defined reports for further information.

Added value 

BT Autobalance also enables you to:

  • Create and maintain company address books.
  • Break calls down into destination types such as international, mobile or roamed.
  • Run reports and analysis of traffic type

It provides information on call volume, duration, cost, data volume, average duration, average cost and average pence per minute. This is delivered through peak/offpeak analysis and handset summary reports that display call summaries for individual handsets.

Technical specifications

Helping you simply and effectively tag personal calls

Each personal number is tagged the first time it is used and the system subsequently recognises and identifies such numbers for separate billing.

There are five different types of tagging:

  • Manual: completed at the time of the call
  • Learnt: automatically based on how numbers were previously tagged
  • Automatic: based on lists pre-defined by your organisation
  • Address book link: lets you establish online a pre-defined company address book that identifies numbers for tagging prior to billing
  • Retrospective: determined once call information is available online

The system can then recognise each user’s profile and isolate personal and business use accordingly.

Who should buy

Is BT Autobalance right for your organisation?

BT Autobalance is aimed at any organisation that has a large number of business mobile phones and is keen to minimise costs and more accurately assess VAT obligations.

Why BT

Our depth of experience fits the bill

BT has a wealth of global experience in delivering high-quality, integrated communications solutions to organisations around the world. Our own experience of implementing a range of mobile and fixed communications solutions, both in-house and for leading organisations, ensures that we can deliver the capabilities you need to not only survive, but thrive in today’s connected global economy.

We also have extensive experience and capabilities in the field of billing analysis. We can help you more easily understand how telephony costs are occurring across your business: enabling you to more quickly, simply and accurately keep track of telephony usage and spend.