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Avaya Unified Communications from a Platinum Partner

Connect your organisation’s voice, video and collaboration tools with Avaya Unified Communications. With easier ways to talk and work together, your people can get more done. And with our unified architecture, you’ll save money because we can use the systems you already have and adapt to new technologies and systems.

Avaya Unified Communications benefits

The best user experience. Our solutions bring voice, video and data together. Users will be able to communicate and work together in real time, in the way that suits them best for each situation. Our applications make it easy to work at home, or away, with tools like the Avaya Flare tablet, mobile applications and video conferencing.

More ways to talk – more ways to work. When your comms tools work together, your people can get more done. For example, with the Avaya Flare™ Experience, you use the same interface to communicate in real time across all your tools, including desktop video, social media, conferencing and more.

Together, seamlessly. Reply to email with your voice. Turn an IM into a conference call. Answer your desk phone from the train. No matter how, where, or when your people communicate, they’ll have seamless access to the same familiar interfaces and resources.

Connect your systems. Our solution connects systems, devices and applications from multiple vendors. We support open standards to create reliable interfaces with third-party products so you can save money and get more out of your systems. Our core communications platform, Avaya Aura®, uses SIP architecture to simplify networks and connect users wherever they are, no matter what technology they’re using.

Expertise you can rely on. BT and Avaya are world experts in comms technology. Thousands of organisations – from small businesses to the biggest multinationals – use our systems.

Powerful solution for smaller sites. For smaller sites, we also offer IP Office. It’s our simple, powerful platform for telephones, messaging, conferencing, customer management and unified communications for organisations with up to 700 users. IP Office with LAN infrastructure brings your communications together. In short: phone, text, email and voicemail in the same inbox.

Implementation of the Avaya system at HBF has enabled us to serve our members more effectively, and personalise the member experience by expanding our touch points.

Technology is a key driver in ensuring we manage this transformation. We engaged BT because their technology offers a robust platform from Avaya that solves multiple challenges and will enhance member experience.” - David Pennycuick, General Manager – Distribution, HBF

The details

Avaya Unified Communications specifications

BT One Enterprise Avaya is a reliable and scalable communications infrastructure. It’s built on ex-Nortel and Avaya technology, and our history of maintaining over 3,000 of these systems.

Avaya Aura Communications Manager

  • 700+ user features
  • Highly reliable
  • Flexible and scalable
  • Built-in capabilities include conferencing and contact centre applications.
  • Supports a wide range of servers, gateways, and analogue, digital and IP-based communication devices.

Avaya Modular Messaging

This is our Avaya advanced IP unified messaging solution.

  • Keeps messages accessible anytime and anywhere from an array of devices including phones, mobile devices and PCs.
  • Improves productivity: people can communicate more easily so you can cut costs across your organisation, boost revenue and better help your customers.

Avaya Aura Session Manager

This integrates your unified communications tools with the systems you already have from different vendors.

  • Centralised dial plans and user profiles
  • Quick to get up and running for users in different locations
  • Easier centralised SIP trunking
  • Easier ‘on-net’ call routing
  • Enhanced security
  • Lowers total cost of ownership
  • Easy to scale up when you need to

Avaya Aura System Manager

This common management platform is based on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).

  • Simplifies how you manage your communications systems
  • Easier to manage: one portal for ordering devices and lines, and taking care of service and admin.

Avaya IP Office

This is available in three different editions:

  • IP Office Essential. Our small business starter kit with all the ‘must haves’ plus Avaya phones. Features include call routing, caller ID, hold/conference/transfer and voicemail.
  • IP Office Preferred. For any business wanting to communicate more easily now and in future. Features include voicemail, secure Meet Me conferencing, call recording, intelligent call routing and automated service prompts.
  • IP Office Advanced. For companies wanting to step up their customer service. Features include: automated 24/7 self-service, easy retrieval of recorded calls, and real-time customer service management.


Avaya CS1000 and IP Office are formally launched in the UK only

At the moment, there are no plans to launch these outside the UK. However, we can create custom solutions for maintenance in some counties.

Avaya Communication Manager is available in the UK, Singapore, India, Hong Kong and Australia, with additional local support in Spain, Ireland and the USA.

In many other countries, BT and Avaya have local Country Participation Agreements (CPA) to sell our unified communications systems and services.



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