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One Collaborate productivity tools

BT One Collaborate audio


BT One Collaborate productivity tools.

BT One Collaborate productivity tools make using BT MeetMe, (including BT MeetMe with Dolby Voice), even more effective, with desktop and mobile applications for scheduling, launch, and control of your conferences.

Designed to give you a quick and simple way to manage and control your BT MeetMe conferences, whether you choose to join by telephone keypad, web browser, or mobile application (iOS or Android).  These tools present you with a single user experience (dependent on the BT MeetMe features you have subscribed to), using a single set of meeting passcodes to access your conference.

Calls are secure, participants have privacy and in-conference call controls are enabled.

BT MeetMe web portal.

  • An intuitive web-based browser that lets you launch and control a BT MeetMe conference where participants can join by either dialing-in using BT MeetMe global access or by joining over the internet using BT MeetMe with Dolby Voice.
  • Monitor who's on the call, the security of your call is improved when you can see who has joined, mute and unmute lines, disconnect and re-connect to your conference from your computer, record your conference and more.
  • One-click launch option when you launch your audio conference via the BT MeetMe add-in for Microsoft Outlook.

BT MeetMe add-in for Microsoft® Outlook.

  • This installable add-in works with Windows computers running Microsoft Office 2010 or 2013.  Use it to schedule meetings faster by automatically inserting all of your important details for your call, such as your BT MeetMe passcodes and dial-in numbers into your Microsoft Outlook meeting invitations and to launch the BT MeetMe web portal.

BT MeetMe mobile app.

  • Easy launch and control for conferences on the go.  Easy click to join options – no need to remember passcodes.
  • Available to install from Android and iOS app stores.

24x7 operator help is just a *0 away via your phone's touchtone keypad, or click/tap to be connected to an operator from the BT MeetMe web portal/BT MeetMe mobile app.

The benefits

With BT One Collaborate productivity tools benefit from:

  • Simplified access and call set-up so you can start your calls on time.
  • Easy management and control your conferences using telephone keypad, desktop and mobile applications.
  • Quickly join your conference with just a click of a button.
  • The online portal and mobile applications are great security features — letting you see who has joined your audio conference.


Please check with your BT account manager for specific deployment in region.