Line rental discounts - BT Accumulate

Line rental discounts

BT Accumulate


Add more services, get more discount

Accumulate does what it says – the more of our voice services you add to it, the more discount you’ll build up on your line rental.

BT Accumulate benefits:

  • Drive down your line rental costs - You could make significant savings on your annual line rental on both your standard PSTN and ISDN Business Exchange lines by signing up to a minimum term and committed spend with BT Accumulate
  • Get a no hassle deal - The more you spend on qualifying voice services the more you will save on your PSTN and ISDN line rentals – it’s that simple. Also, with OneBillPlus you can have all your services dealt with on one simple bill. And you can see all your billing information online with BT Analyst Converge.
  • Your other discounts are safe - You’ll carry on getting your current discounts on contributory voice services.

The details

BT Accumulate specifications

With Accumulate it’s more than just a straight discount:

  • You will get more BT Accumulate discount when you have ISDN long-term contracts
  • It’s flexible - you can choose the best BT calls package to suit you.
  • It works with OneBillPlus, BT Analyst Converge and other services

You can include any of these services to count towards what you commit to spend on:

  • PSTN calls(including Business Plan, Customer Commitment and Premier Value) and lines
  • ISDN calls and lines
  • Business Broadband Voice
  • BT Mobile calls and access
  • Inbound calls
  • One Cloud Featurenet calls and lines,
  • Featureline and Featureline Compact lines,
  • Embark /Featureline Corporate calls and lines
  • One Cloud global calls and access
  • One Cloud UK calls and access
  • One Voice SIP trunk UK calls & access


Available across the UK

You can take advantage of Accumulate wherever you are in the UK.



BT Accumulate datasheet


Add more services, get more discount.