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BT Business Exchange Lines

The benefits

Flexible, reliable business phone lines

Our Business Exchange Lines offer traditional telephone lines plus extra services backed up by our proven reliability and flexible approach to service. Buying lines with one of our BT Accumulate discount package also gives you more services to keep your business up to date with the latest technology for less cost.

Get the lines that are right for you
You can run your business on our Business Exchange Lines and take advantage of other options. For instance, temporary exchange lines are perfect for trade shows, temporary press offices, events or campaign support. And non-served premises lines let you gather data or control remote installations, driving down your costs.

Save more
You’ll pay even less when you buy Business Exchange Lines with one of our credit or discount schemes like Access Credit Scheme, Exchange Lines Credit Scheme or Accumulate.

Get better service
We typically fix line faults in under five hours, and there are alternative lines to keep you going in the meantime. You’ll also be able to get one bill for all of your lines and services with OneBillPlus, plus you can see information on all your billing through BT Analyst Converge.

Anywhere in the UK
Because our network goes further than anyone else’s, you can get our Business Exchange Lines anywhere in the UK mainland.

What it costs

What it costs

Costs depend on how big your organisation is and how many lines you need. For detailed information on pricing, click ‘Get a quote’ on the right.

More reasons to buy

The right service at the right price

We have unrivalled experience and services to meet all your needs. That includes basic business phone and ISDN lines, along with value-for-money discount packages. You can also use our market-leading analytical tools, to help you control your costs and plan for the future.

Technical specs

Get more value from your call services

With a Business Exchange Line you’ll get:

  • peace of mind with a guaranteed four-hour fault response time
  • an entry in the Business A-Z section of The Phone Book from BT
  • pricing and call plans that save you money, including Customer Commitment
  • easy budgeting and discount packages
  • calling features including Call Diversion and Three-way Calling (with a quarterly charge).

The lead time for Business Exchange Lines is four to 12 days.


Business lines across the country

Our Business Exchange Lines are available anywhere in mainland UK, with a four to 12-day lead time.

Service Level Agreements

Service care

With all our Business Exchange Lines, you’re automatically covered with Prompt Care. But you can also choose Total Care and Critical Care, depending on what maintenance cover you need.

Prompt Care

  • Reporting faults
    You can report faults around the clock, Monday to Saturday. We’ll respond within four working hours and start investigating. Once we’ve confirmed it’s a fault, we’ll give you a reference number and tell you what progress we’re making to fix it.
    We can divert your line to another number if you need us to.
  • Engineering visits
    Our engineers will visit between 08:00 and 18:00, Monday to Saturday (except public holidays).
    For an extra charge, we can work outside these hours if you need us to.
  • Fixing Faults
    We’ll fix faults by the end of the next working day.

Total Care

  • Reporting faults
    The same as Prompt Care, but you can report faults around the clock, seven days a week, including public holidays.
  • Engineering visits
    Our engineers can visit seven days a week, between 08:00 and 18:00 (including public holidays). We may be able to arrange appointments from 07:00 and until 21:00 if you need them.
    For an extra charge, we can also work outside these hours if you need us to.
  • Fixing faults
    We’ll fix the fault within 24 hours of you reporting it, unless you make an appointment outside that time frame.

Critical Care

  • Reporting faults
    The same as Total Care.
  • Engineering visits
    Our engineers can visit any time you need them, including public holidays.
  • Fixing faults
    We’ll fix the fault within six hours.

With all three levels of cover, if we don’t fix the fault within the target time, you can claim under our Customer Service Guarantee scheme.