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Verint voice recording and analytics

BT Contact Recording and Analytics Verint


Gain valuable insights from customer interactions

The calls that your contact centre processes provide a rich source of data. They tell you about what customers want and need – and how well your company is serving those needs.

Gain the information you need to improve customer satisfaction, drive process efficiency, reduce unprofitable call volume and generate revenue by monitoring and assessing your calls with BT’s advanced speech analytics.

BT Contact Recording and Analytics Verint Benefits

Recording and analysing calls will transform the operational efficiency of your contact centre enabling you to:

  • Improve customer satisfaction by monitoring and analysing the quality of the service your agents are providing
  • Get more insight into your agents performance and deliver more informed training and feedback
  • Reduce repeat calls by increasing first call resolution
  • Solve disputes quickly and fairly by accessing transcriptions of all calls
  • Reduce average call handling times (CHT) without sacrificing customer satisfaction

A number of strategic benefits will enhance your business planning, enabling you to:

  • Collect objective evidential data, helping you understand your business at a deep level
  • Keep ahead of rivals by mining your database for customer remarks that reference competitors' product refinements and promotions
  • Help your business review process by generating detailed reports analysing sales trends, CHT and call volume fluctuation
  • Fulfil legal and regulatory requirements, eg ISO 9000:2001, by recording your contact centre calls and transactions

BT Contact Recording and Analytics Verint Features

BT Verint Contact Recording and Analytics automatically records customer calls to your contact centre:

  • Detecting and diverting emotional calls for fast and effective intervention
  • Validating calls, ensuring disputes are settled quickly and calmly
  • Storing and indexing conversations to retrieve, sample and score agent performance as needed
  • Satisfying contact centre compliance and regulatory requirements for recording calls

Categorise and analyse call content in the context of your business drivers:

  • Revealing the root causes of customer perceptions
  • Identifying high call volumes, trends and user patterns
  • Discovering emerging market needs and trends – without recourse to surveys or costly market research
  • Enabling feedback and training for agents, promoting personal growth and assisting agents to achieve better sales
  • Monitoring customer references to competitor activities like promotional offers
  • Identifying market opportunities and trends that might not otherwise be detected without listening to thousands of calls

The details

Speech Analytics Software

Verint Call Recording captures, indexes and retrieves caller and advisor interactions in legacy and digital telephony environments. It incorporates an advanced speech recognition capability so an on-screen transcription of calls is readily available.

Speech Analytics tracks application usage, data entry and screen content – issuing alerts or reports based on the resulting intelligence. It also links transaction information to customer interactions.

Calls can then be sorted and divided for review, analysis and reporting based on business considerations such as transaction value, VIP customers and account cancellations.

Speech Analytics automatically groups audio interactions into categories that reflect contact centre-specific challenges and objectives. These categories include:

  • First call resolution
  • Call density
  • Competitive threats
  • Emotional calls
  • New accounts
  • Cross-sell
  • Up-sell
  • Customer retention
  • Self-service issues

Then, Speech Analytics automatically identifies the top five reasons for calls within each category. For example, IntelliFind may suggest that calls in the self-service issues category are the result of password issues, search problems, downtime, confusing screens and long interactive voice response (IVR) scripts.

Capturing Speach

The Verint hardware that is featured in BT Verint Contact Recording and Analytics can be attached to your equipment in a variety of ways:

  • Trunk side: records all trunk calls for validation, quality sampling and training
  • Extension side: records all calls for validation, quality control and training
  • Conference: selectively records for quality only without performing validation
  • IP recording (passive): records IP and Media Access Control (MAC) addresses from the LAN by searching for them
  • At the edge of LAN: records all calls (bandwidth considerations and LAN planning are needed as routers need to span traffic to the voice recorder)
  • At the core: records trunk calls not internal peer-to-peer
  • IP recording (active): records IP and MAC addresses by directing them to the recorder via the IP telephones themselves
  • Record all calls: bandwidth considerations need to be considered for this option

Recording encryption is an optional feature of the Verint suite. It uses AES 256 compliant encryption to protect data when recorded, in transit and archived.

Verint IP Video Capture

BT offers this related video storage and analytics program upon request. Large multi-site, multi-camera installations can then be controlled and managed from single sites.

The video capture analytics software can automatically monitor queue sizes, suspicious movements and door and window security.


BT Contact Recording and Analytics Verint availability

This product is available in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.



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