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Call discounts

BT Customer Commitment


A BT Customer Commitment contract means you pay less overall for your Business Calls

Commit to spending an annual amount on calls with us and a term of either 12 or 24 months, and we’ll give you a cheaper rate for your Business Calls. There are no joining or package fees, so you’ll only pay for the calls you make.

BT Customer Commitment benefits

  • Cut call costs - When you commit to a minimum annual figure for one or two years, we’ll give you cheaper calls . You’ll also qualify for free ISDN30 connection charges when you commit to long-term ISDN30 contracts.
  • Keep it simple - OneBillPlus makes it easy to keep track of your call charges and cuts admin.
  • Boost your efficiency - You’ll have access to a set of management information tools to give you more control and efficiency –Network Call Performance and OneBillPlus.

And with BT Analyst Converge you can access to your BT OneBillPlus data straightaway and analyse it online. That means you’re always in control of what you’re spending.

The details

More tools to help you save on calls

You can use our specialist online tools to help you cut costs and manage your spending on calls:

  • OneBillPlus brings all your communications charges together in one bill.
  • BT Analyst Converge gives you instant access to all your billing information online.
  • Network Call Performance (NCP) gives you a complete expenses overview with a monthly web-based report of your incoming and outgoing calls.


Available across the UK

You can benefit from Customer Commitment anywhere in the UK.