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BT Datapulse Voice Recording


Record, monitor and store all customer conversations

BT Datapulse Voice Recording helps you effectively improve customer service, resolve complaints and comply with legislation. It is specifically designed to fully integrate with any Nortel PBX, without the need for you to invest in expensive computer telephony integration (CTI). The product offers the perfect balance between advanced features and usability with a low total cost of ownership.

The software recommended by BT and Datapulse fitted our needs perfectly and their advice and support have been reassuringly professional throughout the installation process. It was a joint effort that worked seamlessly and took less than half a day to complete.”
- David Baker, Telecoms Manager, Mid Sussex District Council

Key benefits

Enhance staff performance with effective call monitoring

BT Datapulse Voice Recording is the only call recording product available to directly integrate with Nortel systems. It enables you benefit from advanced call recording features, such as selective recording, without purchasing expensive middleware.

Voice recording provides you with the information needed to effectively back-up telephone contact. The benefits of using BT Datapulse Voice Recording in your customer contact operations include:

  • Optimise staff performance: voice recording provides a valuable tool that can be used to support crucial decisions on recruitment and training. It enables you to continuously manage, monitor and improve the service provided by staff.
  • Resolve disputes efficiently: you can find and replay calls quickly and easily, offering you fast access to the information needed to back up front-line staff. This provides agents with greater confidence and support and can help resolve disputes over the accuracy of verbal advice and mediate when customers or staff make a complaint.
  • Improve compliance: helps you meet legislative requirements such as Financial Services Authority (FSA) regulations, and protect against liability posed by lost, misinterpreted voice communications or fraudulent claims.
  • Improve information sharing: immediate interdepartmental sharing of records, real-time monitoring and surveillance from any PC on the network including securely from a remote location.

Key features and benefits

BT Datapulse Voice Recording is an award-winning call recording product providing you with the functionality of four recording platforms in one:

  • Global voice recording: enables you to record and store all inbound and outbound calls.
  • Smart logging: enables you to selectively record calls using specific criteria, such as every nth call. Smart logging also records the port number, date, time and call duration.
  • Recording on demand: enables you to choose to record a specific conversation at any time during the course of a call.
  • Quality monitoring: enables you to schedule and sample calls taken by your agents to evaluate their performance, skills, and knowledge when interacting with customers.

BT Datapulse Voice Recording also offers:

  • Quick installation: an IP-based product enabling easy installation across structured cabling – without the need for additional cabling cabinets.
  • Efficient call retrieval: locate stored calls quickly and easily. You can use a variety of search criteria including agent ID, agent name, call time and date, port number and port name.
  • Storage capacity: up to two million calls can be stored for immediate online playback via Microsoft’s free SQL Express, making storage costs very competitive. Also includes unlimited licenses for playing back your recordings.
  • Scalability:  grows with your business and can be scaled to support call recording for up to 3,500 users simultaneously. It provides a seamless migration path from digital or hybrid to VoIP phones, supporting call recording using port mirroring, port spanning and duplicate media stream (DMS).
  • Specialist training: courses covering the complete Datapulse portfolio are available to meet your staff requirements and varying levels of expertise.
  • Remote call retrieval: records remote office extensions and retrieves and replays calls from remote locations across the world.
  • Email distribution: all recordings are stored in Waveform (WAV) audio format, allowing for easy distribution via email or Intranet.
  • In-call recording: the unique “conversation save” capability records an entire conversation even if the record button is pressed part-way through the call.
  • Record multiple sources: you can monitor and record from various sources simultaneously to a single server, including an IP phone, a TDM phone, radio and analogue phones.

Detailed description

Enhance the value of customer interaction

BT Datapulse Voice Recording enables you to record, monitor and store all telephone interactions with customers – making it an effective tool for improving business performance. It equips you with reliable digital call recording that provides the functionality of four recording platforms in one – offering global voice recording, smart logging, on-demand recording and quality monitoring.

Voice recording provides front-line agents with greater confidence and support and is a valuable source of business intelligence. It helps you effectively resolve customer complaints, monitor and enhance customer service levels and identify business opportunities.

BT Datapulse Voice Recording is the only recording solution for fully-integrated use with Nortel contact systems. It provides voice recording for Nortel Meridian 1, CS1000 and BCM systems by replacing the existing digital line cards. This eliminates the need for Nortel users to purchase expensive middleware or additional equipment to benefit from advanced call recording features such as selective recording or computer telephony integration (CTI) call indexing.

BT Datapulse Voice Recording offers you:

  • Automatic recording: enables you to automatically record inbound, outbound and internal calls. It is based on a range of recording criteria; this includes, ACD Agent ID, DN and / or In Calls Key, calling line ID, dialled number, time of day, day of week, port number, call duration, and percentage of calls.
  • Recording on demand: this enables you to record a call during the conversation by invoking the record on demand feature. The entire call will be recorded; regardless of the point in the call the feature is activated. This feature is available as a configured key on CS1000/2100 telephone types or as a task tray clickable button for other phone types.
  • Quality monitoring: helps you to improve the performance of your staff and identify training needs. Quality monitoring software enables your supervisors to evaluate agent performance by creating scorecards incorporating customised questions, question weighting, individual and summary statistics based scoring, and comments. The product also offers screen capture capabilities enabling you to obtain audio and video of agent interactions with customers. This is provided in real-time, rather than the less effective variable screen refresh, which can mean missed screens.
  • Digital in-skin recording: is available for Meridian digital users. You can opt for an in-skin recording package which uses recording ready alternative telephony cards, negating the need to implement any CTI.

BT Datapulse Voice Recording is certified as a compatible other Nortel products. It also supports: SAN storage and archiving, strong passwords, centralised management of multiple servers and local PC playback capabilities.

Technical specifications

Supported telephony platforms: BT Datapulse Voice Recording enables recording of digital, analogue and VoIP telephones on the following telephony platforms:

  • Norstar
  • Business Communications Manager (BCM)
  • Meridian 1
  • Communications Server 1000 (CS1000) / Communications Server 2100 (CS2100)

IP recording requirements

Duplicate Media Stream: based on Meridian Link Services (MLS) via either Symposium 5.x or Contact Centre  Manager (CCM) 6.x and compatible Nortel (phase II) phones, it is possible to duplicate the RTP stream to the Call Recording Server without requiring voice network, layer 2 switches.

Port mirroring and spanning: BT Datapulse Voice Recording also continues to support port mirroring (or port spanning if using Cisco switches), based on Meridian PBX release 25.4x or CS 1000 release 3.x, Symposium (SCCS) 4.2 or newer, Meridian Link Services v4.2 or higher and Ethernet switches with port-mirroring capabilities.

Compatible Nortel IP phones:

  • IP phone 1120E, IP phone 1140E
  • IP phone 2001*, IP phone 2002*, IP phone 2004*, IP phone 2007*

Note: In all instances, an AST license is required for each TN of the IP phones to be recorded. ( *must be phase II or above)

Digital extension side recording requirements

Unique “in-skin” recording of digital telephones is based on replacing existing xDLC cards with TelStrat Application Line Cards (TALCs) and enhanced cables.  The product provides recording capabilities without CTI or any other telephony components. A Meridian PBX release 23 or higher, CS 1000 release 2.x, CS2100/SL-100 release MSL12 or higher with compatible phones is required.

Compatible Nortel Digital phones:

  • M2008D, M2008HFD, M2216D, M2616D, M2616CT
  • M3110, M3310, M3902, M3903, M3904, M3905
  • Add-On-Modules (Key Based – KBA; Display Based – DBA)
  • M2250 console (requires two TALC Ports and two licenses for each console)

Note: Additional power M2250 / PC is required. The TALC card does not support PWR TNs.  A maximum of three M2250 / PCs are supported on a single TALC card.

Trunk side recording requirements

Meridian or CS1000: it is possible to record digital telephones based on Trunk Taps, placed between the demarcation point from the PSTN and the CO interface, coupled with a connection to either Symposium v5.x or CCM 6.x providing MLS.

BCM, Norstar Digital and Analogue: records BCM 50/200/400 or Norstar phones via Trunk Taps, placed between the demarcation point from the PSTN and the CO interface.  Based on the quantity of trunks (trunk circuits/channels) being recorded, (regardless of the quantity of telephones being recorded).

DISA analogue: recording of DISA trunks is via trunk taps, placed between the demarcation point from the LEC and the CO interface of the Nortel Meridian PBX.

Radio analogue: recording of conventional radio systems on a frequency-by-frequency basis is via taps from a radio base station or other radio system analogue outputs.

Other analogue: records trunks connected to any key telephone system, hybrid telephone system, or PBX telephone system via Trunk Taps placed between the demarcation point from the LEC and the CO interface on the key, hybrid, or PBX.

Line side TAP recording requirements

Centrex analogue: recording is via line taps placed between the analogue interface and the analogue phone.

Enhanced application requirements

Screen capture: deployed on a dedicated server, one video server for each voice recording server.  Juniper Funk Proxy Host v2.59g or higher is installed on the agent workstation.

Agent scoring is provided as part of the software package.

System reporting: BT Datapulse Voice Recording comes with a level of agent reporting. If advanced system reporting is needed, a dedicated server is required.

Who should buy

BT Datapulse Voice Recording is specifically designed for organisations operating Nortel Meridian, CS1000, BCM contact systems and provides a reliable, flexible recording product whether you are using digital, full IP or a hybrid network.

It can benefit both large and small organisations that use telephone agents in these sectors: engineering, accounting, public services, financial services and medical practices. BT Datapulse Voice Recording will also benefit your business if you need to record and store customer conversations in order to adhere to legislation, or if you want to expand from simple TDM recording to incorporate agent quality monitoring and screen capture.

BT Datapulse Voice Recording is also an ideal product if you need to record remote offices with centralised playback and storage, or you need to record radio technologies, such as Airwave, alongside traditional calls. It can also help you minimise the footprint for your call recording since it only requires a single server for TDM/IP recording.


BT Datapulse Voice Recording (IDVR) is currently available in Europe.

Why BT

BT is a leading supplier of business communications. We possess a wealth of experience in operating contact centres and CRM solutions for organisations of all sizes, currently managing 800 contact centres around the world. To give you access to the widest range of quality products and services, we team up with a number of world-class suppliers, such as Datapulse – an international market leader with over 20 years’ experience in the telecommunications solutions market.

Mid Sussex District Council is just one of the many organisations to benefit from BT Datapulse Voice Recording. They required a call recording solution compatible with their existing Meridian system in order to comply with Direct Debit Association (DDA) guidelines and clear up disputes over differing accounts of telephone conversations. As a result of using BT Datapulse Voice Recording, the Council is now able to deal with all disputes swiftly and efficiently. Should they ever be challenged with potential litigation cases, transcripts of all conversations are readily available.