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Leverage our DDI expertise with training, support and implementation services

BT Diamond IP backs up its award-winning IP management products with the vast resources and global presence of BT. BT Diamond IP professionals are available to provide a variety of services to enable you to realise the maximum benefit from your IPControl Sapphire deployment. From planning your deployment to migrating from a legacy IP management solution, and from classroom or on-site training to ongoing operation support, BT Diamond IP is there to make your smart choice even smarter.

Extensive product training is available to educate you and your team on the rich feature set available to you with our IPControl and Sapphire products. Standard week-long classroom training is provided bi-monthly, with hands-on lab exercises. Ad hoc scheduled training at your facility is also available on a variety of IP address management topics. We also offer free technology training through our whitepapers and videos.

BT Diamond IP operates a comprehensive Technical Assistance centre with a variety of service offerings to support our software products. We offer telephone and email support for problem resolution and operational assistance, as well as product patches, upgrades, and technical bulletins.

Support Numbers: TAC: +1 610 321 9085

Main Numbers: (Exton, PA)

Direct: +1 610 321 9000

Fax: +1 610 321 9004

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To reach technical support via email, contact swsupport@diamondipam.com.

The level of BT technical support is great. If we do have an issue the BT team responds quickly and effectively.”
- Paolo Da Rosa, Network Architect, University of Pisa

The benefits

Maximise your return on your critical DDI infrastructure

  • Leverage our product deployment planning expertise with our world-class implementation team.
  • Product implementation support assures accurate deployment, migration and configuration.
  • Diverse product maintenance and support options enable business hours, 24X7, or remote-assist services according to your needs.
  • Product maintenance and support includes product patches and upgrades including new features.
  • Our solutions do not stipulate costly hardware refreshes.
  • Comprehensive training courses are available as scheduled by BT or on an ad hoc basis with customers.
  • BT is the only supplier supporting software, hardware, virtual products with the widest variety of support programs and managed services.


Services availability

Our services are available globally.

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BT Diamond IP services

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