Centrally managed business broadband

BT Enterprise Broadband

The benefits

Secure, flexible, centrally managed, corporate broadband service

BT Enterprise Broadband provides a corporate broadband service that delivers a single web based management tool for organisations to manage tens, hundreds or even thousands of individual low-cost broadband lines for home workers, connectivity for small branch offices or even temporary sites – simplifying management and control. The low cost, high performance and almost 100% coverage of broadband make it ideal for data networking.

With quick and easy set-up plus no contract commitments on individual lines, you'll enjoy the cost savings, convenience, flexibility and easy management you need to get the best out of your corporate broadband. With your corporate broadband network managed through a secure web application, what could be easier?

Lower your costs
Home and remote working is easy and quick to set up, helping you cut travel and networking expenses as well as your overall cost of ownership. With no minimum broadband commitment, it's ideal for temporary sites and short-term connections.It can also give you back-up communications in a disaster recovery situation.

Make it easy to manage your broadband needs
Whether you need simple data, voice or more complicated multimedia applications, your broadband lines are easy to manage through our centralised web-based portal. Tools for diagnosing and reporting faults let your IT team give your people the support they need – fast. Your people can also come to us direct through an end-user helpdesk. The choice is yours.

No limits
There are no download limits, so users won’t be cut off halfway through the month. And they won’t be landed with extra costs for heavy use.

Get a fast, secure and reliable service
You can enter broadband orders either on a single line basis or in bulk. And you can order PSTN lines at the same time, with no need for multiple order processes. Also, with no traffic or download limits you'll have no slow periods, and no extra costs.

Get transparent charges
You'll have a choice of broadband connection options with a competitive flat-rate monthly tariff and no call charges, all on a single, fully itemised bill. So you can manage your IT overheads and budget with no nasty surprises.

Be leaner and greener
Encouraging home working means less travel costs for your employees and lowers your environmental impact. Home working typically means higher productivity, more efficiency, and less sickness and absenteeism, as well as slowing down staff turnover.

Have the service you want
Our service doesn’t come in standardised packages. If you want a low-speed circuit with a top-end router and the highest level of care and support, that’s what you’ll get.

BT has removed the costs and risks of trying to manage the technology ourselves. In fact, in one particular team 17 per cent of the people resources have been freed to focus on tasks that add real value.
- Allan Jackson, European Telecoms Manager, H. J. Heinz Company

What it costs

Keeping it simple

A single, fully itemised invoice and a simple, cost-effective price structure mean centrally audited broadband charges. And your users won’t have to pick up the bill for their broadband and claim back through expenses.

Pricing depends on your unique needs. For more information, click “Get a quote”.

More reasons to buy

Get flexible broadband options and easy management

We've provided Enterprise Broadband to more than 200 organisations in both the private and public sector. They include local government, health, defence, finance, pharmaceutical, retail, transport and logistics, as well as the IT and professional service industries.

Our BT Flexible Working Services can help you progress from a pilot programme to full roll-out across your organisation, supported by our skills, expertise and experience.

With more than 14,000 home workers and many more mobile employees, we know what it takes to start up, manage and support large scale corporate broadband. The benefits we’ver seen from flexible working have included:

  • savings of €750 million per year on property costs over the past six years.
  • home workers who are 20 per cent more productive than their office-based colleagues and enjoy a better work-life balance.
  • cutting out more than 1.5 million return journeys per year.
  • a carbon footprint for our home workers that’s shrunk by 50 per cent.

Technical Specs

Corporate broadband with single line flexibility

Enterprise Broadband makes it easy to extend your network to your workers’ homes and out to small branch offices. Each site gets a private IP address from your existing VPN range. It’s then part of your network in exactly the same way as office-based access circuits.

It’s also exceptionally easy to manage using the Workplace online service management portal.

You can use the Workplace to add new users and manage their IP addresses, raise and track fault reports, run real-time diagnostics on individual circuits and see a complete service inventory.

Workplace gives you:

  • simple ordering tools with quick delivery.
  • diagnostic tools for rapid service recovery.
  • real time visibility of all your broadband.
  • complete records of all activity.
  • easy integration with your IT helpdesk.
  • corporate contracting and billing.
  • full control through your IT team – your users won't have to manage their own services or deal   with providers.

Our 24/7 helpdesk supports you from initial registration to delivery, installation and beyond.

You can choose your broadband access speed and link to a local area network if you need to.
We also give you a choice of wires-only or self-configuring wireless router, with advanced security settings you can manage.


Secure, flexible networking around the UK

Enterprise Broadband is available in the UK.

Service Level Agreement

Service targets you can count on

Enterprise Broadband is covered by service level targets that define the performance standards you can expect from us. We set out the specific targets in the product Customer Service Plan. They cover areas like lead time, ticket response, resolving faults and so on.

You can also download reports from the Workplace portal showing how we’re performing against the service level targets.



BT Enterprise Broadband portfolio

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