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BT Featureline and Featureline Compact

The benefits

Faster connections and more digital services

Both Featureline and Featureline Compact give you a phone line with handy call management features. They’re perfect for small to medium-sized sites that want the call handling capabilities of an advanced phone system without costly network set-up. We’ll take care of the technology, the updates and the maintenance – there’s no hassle with maintenance contracts or insurance. All you do is pay a low monthly rental fee.

Raise your call capability
Both packages have call handling features like Call Diversion, Three-way Calling, Call Waiting and many others built in. They’ll help you manage your calls, boost your efficiency and save you money.

Easy to set up
You can keep the phone numbers you’ve got now, there’s no need to add new lines and you can use your current touch-tone phones too. And because there’s no system box or special cabling you don’t tie up capital.

Get cheaper calls
Buy Featureline services alongside one of our great value for money calls discount packages like BT Customer Commitment and BT Premier Value.

We’ll support you round the clock
Our support and maintenance teams are ready to help, any time.

Grow your network the easy way
You can expand the service when you’re ready to up to 60 lines per site, or shrink it when you need to, without wasting any money.

Take your pick
You can install up to 60 phone lines with either service, but Featureline Compact gives you a slightly fewer services, for a slightly lower price.

What it costs

What it costs

To find out how much you could save, click ‘Get in touch’ on the right.

More reasons to buy

The right service at the right price

We have unrivalled experience and services to meet all your needs. That includes basic business phone and ISDN lines, along with value-for-money discount packages. You can also use our market-leading analytical tools, to help you control your costs and plan for the future.

Technical specs

Built-in call management features

With Featureline you’ll get an extensive range of call management features built-in:


Never miss a call with:

1. Hunt group numbers
Transfer calls across your network until they’re answered
not includedincluded

2. Call diversion
Redirect calls to any phones, including mobiles
included included 

3. Call Waiting
Spot incoming calls when you’re already on the phone. And speak to the caller if you want to without ending the original call.
included included 

4. Call Pick-Up
Pick up someone else’s calls from your own phone.
included included 

5. Call Return
Find out the number of the last person who called you.
included included 

6. Call Transfer
Send your calls to other Featureline extensions, external phones or mobiles.
included included 

7. Ring Back When Free*
Ring an engaged number back automatically as soon as it’s free. Ring Back When Free isn’t available for all types of phone number, eg, ISDN, DDI and international.
included included 

8. Ring Back When Next Used*
If no one answers a Featureline extension, call it again next time it’s used.
included included 

Keep costs down with:

9. Internal calls
Pay nothing for calls between Featurelines on your site. These are your Featureline extensions.
included included 

10. Featureline Call Barring
Limit costly unauthorised calls.
included included 

11. Three-way calling 
Talk to two people at once, whether they’re on a Featureline extension or an outside line.
included included 

Be well organised with:

12. Code Calling
Store numbers you use regularly for quick dialling.
not includedincluded

13. Repeat Last Call
Redial the last number you called.
not includedincluded

14. Reminder Call*
Use your Featureline as an alarm clock.
included included 

15. Caller Display 
See the caller's phone or extension number, if it’s available, before you answer (you'll need a caller-display phone). There’s a £20 one-off set-up fee to add this.
included included 

17. Withhold your Number 
Stop the person you’re calling from seeing your phone number - on every call or just particular ones.
included included 

18. Call Offer 
Let someone who’s engaged know they’re wanted.
not includedincluded

* = not available on all exchanges


Digital phone lines across the country

Both Featureline services are available throughout the UK, though to make sure we can provide them at your premises we’ll need to do a survey.

Service Level Agreement

Service care

You’re automatically covered with Prompt Care. But you can also choose Total Care and Critical Care, depending on what maintenance cover you need.

Prompt Care

Reporting faults
You can report faults around the clock, Monday to Saturday. We’ll respond within four working hours and start investigating. Once we’ve confirmed it’s a fault, we’ll give you a reference number and tell you what progress we’re making to fix it.

We can divert your line to another number if you need us to.

Engineering visits
Our engineers will visit between 08:00 and 18:00, Monday to Saturday (except public holidays).
For an extra charge, we can work outside these hours if you need us to.

Fixing Faults
We’ll fix faults by the end of the next working day.

Total Care

Reporting faults
The same as Prompt Care, but you can report faults around the clock, seven days a week, including public holidays.

Engineering visits
Our engineers can visit seven days a week, between 08:00 and 18:00 (including public holidays). We may be able to arrange appointments from 07:00 and until 21:00 if you need them.
For an extra charge, we can also work outside these hours if you need us to.

Fixing faults
We’ll fix the fault within 24 hours of you reporting it, unless you make an appointment outside that time frame.

Critical Care

Reporting faults
The same as Total Care.

Engineering visits
Our engineers can visit any time you need them, including public holidays.

Fixing faults
We’ll fix the fault within six hours.

With all three levels of cover, if we don’t fix the fault within the target time, you can claim under our Customer Service Guarantee scheme.