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Governance, risk and compliance

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Risk management provides a unique kind of management information: the kind that specialises in uncertainty. It is about your willingness to take risks, knowing which risks to take and when to take them.

In order for your organisation to succeed, you need to have a strong awareness of risk and understand how these risks may threaten your business objectives. A detailed insight is needed into your internal and external operating environment. This will allow you to benefit from reduced compliance and operating costs.

With operations in over 180 countries supporting some of the world’s largest companies, working with 20+ partners and more than 200 suppliers we have a broad experience when it comes to managing risk.

The intended benefits of our Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) consulting services are to:

  • Reduce the number of (security) risks your business is facing, as well as the costs arising from these risks.
  • Increase trust in your cyber security from customers, clients, partners and shareholders.
  • Ensure your organisation remains compliant with the ever increasing volume of regulations.


Governance, risk and compliance starts with you

In order to implement effective governance, risk and compliance services we have some key recommendations for your organisation.

  • Know your threat profile and risks.
  • Use compliance as a selling strength rather than a burden.
  • Have an overall plan of your IT systems so that risks and vulnerabilities can easily be identified.
  • Implement clearly defined organisational processes so that controls are easier to enforce

How we can help

Protect your information assets and defend against cyber threats

Our in-depth review shows your ability to protect your information assets and whether you are prepared to defend against cyber threats.

Knowledge and expertise

With your security constantly evolving to meet new threats you might lose track of what’s in place. We help you to understand whether your business could be open to serious risk while you might not even know it.

Security strategy & roadmaps

We’ll carry out an initial maturity assessment of your organisation. This will allow us to create a clear multi-year plan to include the budget and resources needed to bring about real change in your organisation.

Controls & audits

Controls and audits allow to identify a status of an entity, or an information system against a pre-defined standard or framework. We use frameworks like ISO27001, COBIT, PCI DSS, NIST cyber security framework, CNI requirements to assess your situation and help you setup security processes to meet these requirements.

Awareness training

Having all the necessary technical solutions in place is good, but if your employees fail to work accordingly, your business could be in potential danger. As well as tailored training sessions and social engineering exercises we offer standardised awareness programmes which are used for Protect BT too.

Ethical hacking

We’ll provide a technical evaluation of your network infrastructure, applications, people, processes and procedures. This will include strategic recommendations to help you mitigate any risks of data theft, fraud and loss of organisational reputation.