Tackling cyber threats using big data

Tackling cyber threats using big data

Security solutions

The reality

Proactive threat defence

You can never eliminate risk completely, but you can manage it, get the measure of it and try to spot what’s coming next. Instead of just defensive security measures you need to be proactive, predicting where threats will come from and warding them off. Getting ahead.

With intelligence gathered from various sources – governments, partners and your global network, you need to get a birds-eye view of what’s going on. Using the data you’ll be able to deal with cyber threats while they’re still manageable and containable, and before they become too costly – or the stuff of headlines.

You’ll also need the people who understand what the data is saying and know how to respond. Quickly.

Staying secure is all about keeping one step ahead

BT’s cyber security services will help you, in real-time, contextualise every relevant internal event with external intelligence, providing a rich picture of what is happening. We can determine immediately which systems may be under threat using our behaviour analytics capability and detect and respond faster to risks, threats and vulnerabilities thanks to world class visualisation and analytic techniques.

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The problem

Identifying the real threats

When it comes to cyber security, it is becoming increasingly difficult to deal with the sheer volume of security alerts and spot the real business-affecting threats from the general “noise”.

Multiple boxes, multiple operating systems and multiple management platforms which are stitched together with a view to providing end-to-end security, often create gaps, are expensive, slow and fallible.

Trawling multiple intelligence sources, with limited security expertise and silos of technology (often legacy) are all hurdles that many companies face. Integrated threat intelligence seems like a distant dream.

All of this dramatically affects your ability to understand quickly if you are vulnerable and respond effectively.

How we can help

Working in real-time

Our global network means we see as much cyber activity as anyone in the world. So we’re good at spotting existing threats and staying up to date with emerging ones.

We focus on gathering, analysing and sharing the latest intelligence so that protective controls can be updated in real-time and organisations can respond faster, in a more joined up way and close the gap between detection and protection.

We can bring together the mass of data from across your security systems and analyse it alongside other information. To do it, we’ve built our own big data platform that can work out immediately which systems might be under threat – a job that normally takes days.

It weighs up the risk to the business from a would-be attack, which frees analysts to focus only on the ones they really need to, saving time. It also picks up anomalies that might otherwise slip through the cracks. It can look into unusual data transfers or login activity to see if the system is facing a persistent threat or if someone is abusing trust.

Cyber intelligence is increasingly collaborative. Organisations in both public and private sectors are coming together to pool intelligence and share best practice. The Government-led initiative CERT UK is one example of this in action. We provide threat intelligence services, and have done so for a very long time. It’s this type of collaborative approach that will help to create a more complete picture of security threats and how they’re changing.

Key portfolio

World-class cyber defence

  • BT Cyber Security: A new all-in-one security platform that offers organisations comprehensive monitoring, detection and protection against cyber threats. It puts threats into context and prioritises them. It analyses the norm, so you can spot anomalies quicker.
  • BT Security Threat Intelligence: A service which gives our customers intelligence drawn from multiple sources on potential threats that may affect their organisation.
  • BT Security Threat Monitoring: Our unique security information and event management (SIEM) service collects and analyses security information 24X7 across your organisation.
  • BT Security Threat Defence: Real-time response to any critical alerts or targeted malware detected within your network.



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