In-Store Digital Signage

In-Store Digital Signage

BT In-Store Digital Signage


Digital signage: seeing is believing

Retailers have a rich bank of visual content such as TV commercials, magazine features, YouTube videos, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, vlogs, usually in different formats and resolutions. Our digital content management platform using Scala lets you manage all that digital content in one place and deliver it anywhere, from giant video screens in store to mobile apps to the message on the receipt.

Using this content as digital signage in different ways throughout the store can not only project your brand personality but also provide a platform for greater customer engagement. For example, with mobile devices carried by sales associates, when the customer asks about a particular product, the associate can in a swipe display it on a linked big screen, perhaps along with popular items from the same range.

The solution runs on video players which can power from one to four separate screens. It will work with any device, including monitors, videowalls, window screens, touch screens, tablets, MUPIs and kiosks. The content management system can handle all standard and non standard formats and resolutions, and will intelligently resize/scale images to fit each screen. You can also send separate content to different stores.

The benefits

Our solution lets marketing and customer experience teams easily and quickly introduce digital signage into stores, with minimal involvement from the corporate IT department.

You benefit from:

  • More fun, better vibe on the sales floor, with real life shopping that is more like an online multimedia experience.
  • Confidence that you have the right message at the right time in the right place.
  • Exciting new ways of merchandising.
  • The ability to extend your product range to items that are not on display in the store.
  • An opportunity to give customers more information. (For example, you might want to tell the back story of a garment, to reassure customers about your ethical sourcing practices.)
  • More personalised services, by integrating digital signage technology with cameras and mobile devices.


Digital signage

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Digital consumer datasheet - January 2016

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