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BT In-Store Visibility


Create a great customer experience in store with accurate inventory information in near real time.

Create a great customer experience in store with accurate inventory information in near real time.

Inaccurate inventory is still the Achilles heel of retailing. On average, manual inventory counts are only 60% accurate1. In-Store Visibility using item level RFID combined with IoT fixed readers, goes to the heart of this issue, giving the retailer near real time visibility of every item available in the shop or storeroom, along with powerful analytical tools that deliver new business insights.

Fixed readers identify and follow merchandise as it arrives in the stockroom, goes on display, is handled or taken into fitting rooms, rejected or purchased. Associates can check inventory availability, track down missing items and efficiently replenish merchandise through an intuitive mobile application.

Accurate inventory visibility also provides a springboard for introducing other digital innovations that enhance the customer experience, such as intelligent fitting rooms and interactive displays.

Stored securely in the cloud retailers can use this aggregated data for fresh insights into inventory performance, customer behaviour and store operations.



The benefits

Improve sales with accurate inventory

Improve sales with accurate inventory

In-Store Visibility gives retailers near real time automated inventory data round the clock. You’ll know exactly what is on shelf right now, or on the wrong shelf, in fitting rooms or in abandoned baskets. You’ll be able to use this information to create a much better customer experience and drive operational efficiencies with, for example:

  • Improved on shelf availability by reducing out of stocks
  • Quickly finding misplaced items
  • Increased confidence in store fulfilment for click & collect, buy online pick up in store (BOPIS)
  • Ensure promotional merchandise is actually available for sale
  • Prioritise sales associate tasks
  • Enable better ordering and forecasting
  • Reduce shrinkage and aid loss prevention

In-Store Visibility pulls together inventory data from across a network of stores, aggregating and storing it centrally, so retailers have a single view of inventory performance. Analytical tools within In-Store Visibility dynamically prioritise a retailers’ operational tasks  to address real-time inventory requirements and provide valuable insight into store performance.

As a cloud-based service, In-Store Visibility means that retailers can move from high capital spending to a more predictable pay as you go commercial model, with no risk of obsolescence.


BT In-Store Visibility

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